The band behind the infectious hit "Best Day of My Life" talk about the best days of their own lives.

  • Jessica Meuse and Dexter Roberts comprise the bottom two on American Idol's top seven results showThis week on "American Idol," Jessica Meuse, one of the few contestants this season who'd never been in the bottom two or three, received such a blatant busing, the show might as well have been sponsored by Greyhound.

    The judges gave Jessica's perfectly fine performance of Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" an unfairly harsh critique; dug up long-forgotten embarrassing footage of her from Hollywood Week; and even slammed the David Gray song she'd selected for fellow contestant Sam Woolf. I seriously hadn't witnessed such an obvious smear campaign against an "Idol" finalist since the judges inexplicably had it out for Haley Reinhart in Season 10.

    But Haley was a scrappy little fighter, and she fought all the way to third place in her season... and eventually landed a record deal, too. And while this week's busing worked to some degree — Jessica did find herself in the bottom two on Thursday's results show, and the sour look on her face showed that she was as displeased with this

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  • Jimmer Podrasky

    Jimmer Podrasky wrapped up his residency Wednesday night at Lucy's 51 in Toluca Lake, Calif. to promote his excellent return effort "The Would-Be Plans" by performing with the Rave-Ups. That's the same band he led back in the '80s when they landed a spot in "Pretty in Pink" and were inexplicably left off the soundtrack. Still, the Rave-Ups prevailed —at least for a while — landing a major-label contract with Epic Records and another high-profile gig, playing on the teen soap "Beverly Hills 90210."

    During the original show's decade-long run, a number of bands, ranging from the Flaming Lips and the Cramps to Color Me Badd and Maroon 5 predecessors Kara's Flowers, also appeared on the show.

    "That was one of the last things the Rave-Ups did," Podrasky says. Again, the band's brush with Hollywood turned into a somewhat nightmarish adventure. Podrasky thought the band was hired simply to perform on the show, but while he was waiting on the set, he was greeted by a gentleman who asked if he

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