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  • Reports: Gwen Stefani in Talks to Join 'The Voice'

    Gwen Stefani and Pharrell at Coachella [photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

    Gwen Stefani recently joined Pharrell onstage at Coachella, and it looks like she'll be joining him again soon, this time for much longer, when she sits next to him in one of "The Voice's" big red chairs.

    Following March 31's official announcement that Pharrell will be a judge on "The Voice" Season 7, TMZ, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Wrap are all reporting that Gwen has also signed on to the singing show. She'll reportedly be filling in for on/off original judge Christina Aguilera — who, by the time Season 7 starts taping in June, will be close to nine months pregnant. Christina is expected to return for the following season, which airs in spring 2015.

    NBC representatives declined to comment at this time.

    At Coachella last Saturday, when Gwen showed up in the middle of Pharrell's cameo-laden Main Stage set for a surprise performance of "Hollaback Girl" — less than two months after giving birth herself — he exclaimed, "I have not seen her in nine months. Look how amazing the queen

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  • First Listen! Jedward Grow Up on New Single 'Free Spirit'

    Although Jedward, aka "double divas of Dublin" John and Edward Grimes, were considered novelty contestants when they placed sixth on "The X Factor U.K." in 2009, they've managed to carve out quite a career for themselves since, with endorsement deals, several television shows, two competitive performances at Eurovision, and three albums to their credit.

    [Related: Exclusive Jedward Interview]

    But now at age 22, they're ready to really be taken seriously, as they prepare to release their fourth album, "Free Spirit" — the first album written and produced by the twins themselves. And Yahoo Music is thrilled to present the online premiere of the album's title track (out on iTunes May 17).

    The song's brooding, mature sound, surprisingly similar to indie-electro bands like Bastille and the Temper Trap, is a massive departure from the kiddie-pop of early Jedward singles like "Bad Behaviour," "Wow Oh Wow," and "Girl Like You"… but it still packs in a lot of Jedwardian fun. Check out the track

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  • American Idol, The Day After: Top 7 Results Dish with Lee DeWyze

    Thursday night, Dexter Roberts went home on "American Idol," leaving us with a top six featuring quite a few rockers and singer-songwriters. So who better to give his thoughts on this season than the winner of perhaps the most guitar-troubadour-centric "Idol" season ever, Lee DeWyze?

    The Season 9 champion has been busy as of late, filming an adorable, doll-filled music video for "Fight" and landing his "Blackbird Song" on the "Walking Dead" soundtrack. But he took time this week to swing by "The Day After," to chat about "Idol" Season 13 and give advice to this year's top six from a winner's perspective. Check out what he had to say in the chat above!

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  • Dolly Parton Reunites With Kenny Rogers on 'You Can't Make Old Friends'

    We're very excited for the upcoming release of Dolly Parton's 42nd — that's right, forty-second — studio album, "Blue Smoke." Not only does it feature a song with Willie Nelson and covers of classics by Bob Dylan and Bon Jovi, but it also reunites Dolly with her dear pal Kenny Rogers on a duet called "You Can't Make Old Friends."

    The song reflects the pair's 30-plus years of friendship. Some sample lyrics:

    What will I do when you are gone?
    Who's gonna tell me the truth?
    Who's gonna finish the stories I start,
    The way you always do?
    You can't make old friends
    Can't make old friends
    It was you and me, since way back when.
    But you can't make old friends.

    Dolly gave Yahoo Music an exclusive look at the new record — and here's what she had to say about her musical reunion with Kenny:

    "Kenny is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world and we really are old friends. In fact, when they were putting this song together, I understand that Kenny was talking to the people that were writing this

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  • 'American Idol' Top 7 Results: Not A-Meused

    Jessica Meuse and Dexter Roberts comprise the bottom two on American Idol's top seven results showThis week on "American Idol," Jessica Meuse, one of the few contestants this season who'd never been in the bottom two or three, received such a blatant busing, the show might as well have been sponsored by Greyhound.

    The judges gave Jessica's perfectly fine performance of Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" an unfairly harsh critique; dug up long-forgotten embarrassing footage of her from Hollywood Week; and even slammed the David Gray song she'd selected for fellow contestant Sam Woolf. I seriously hadn't witnessed such an obvious smear campaign against an "Idol" finalist since the judges inexplicably had it out for Haley Reinhart in Season 10.

    But Haley was a scrappy little fighter, and she fought all the way to third place in her season... and eventually landed a record deal, too. And while this week's busing worked to some degree — Jessica did find herself in the bottom two on Thursday's results show, and the sour look on her face showed that she was as displeased with this

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  • Losing to Win: Remembering the Real Stars of 'Star Search'

    Ten years ago this month, "Star Search" went off the air for good. The pioneering TV talent competition, which had its heyday during its Ed McMahon years from 1983 to 1995, underwent an Arsenio Hall-hosted reboot in 2003, but by that time, a little show called "American Idol" had come along and stolen its thunder.

    But truth be told, no talent show, not even "Idol," ever spawned as many superstars as "Star Search" did. Many hugely successful singers got their start on the charmingly cheesy show (including future Idols David Archuleta, Diana DeGarmo, and Kimberly Caldwell; current "Voice" contestant Josh Kaufman; and two "Voice" coaches, Christina Aguilera and Usher). Interestingly, many of these singers didn't win. But that obviously didn't slow them down.

    Thanks to the magic of old-school VHS technology and advances in new-school digitization, the Internet is awesomely awash in grainy, incriminating "Star Search" footage. Here are the best clips from the series' most notable losers

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  • American Idol, The Day After: Top 7 Performances Dish

    This Wednesday, the "American Idol" top seven contestants performed each other's song picks, and surprisingly, no one threw anyone under the bus. Well, actually, the judges totally threw Jessica Meuse under the bus. But the contestants all played nice with each other!

    And playing nice today with "The Day After" is "Idol" alum Alex Trugman, who you may remember from his "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" Season 8 performance or his recent star turn in the instant classic "Jewvangelist."

    While Alex admittedly hasn't faithfully followed "Idol" since he was on the show five (FIVE!) years ago, he's back on board after watching this week and checking out all the many format changes, from the more deluxe set to the addition of judge Harry Connick Jr. Check out what Alex had to say about Season 13 and this week's performances in today's chat!

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  • 'Idol' Top 7 Recap: Competitors' Picks and Picking on Jessica

    photo: Fox

    This Wednesday on "American Idol," the unprecedented theme was "Competitors' Picks," meaning the top seven contestants chose songs for each other. The potential for sabotage was great, but everyone played nice. No one picked "Let's Get It On" for reluctant heartthrob Sam Woolf, or "My Humps" for stone-faced Jessica Meuse, or Justin Bieber's "Baby" for macho rocker Caleb Johnson, etc.

    So I guess these kids really do like each other. If this theme had been introduced last season, the shadiest "Idol" season ever, it would have been a very different situation. I can only imagine with a shudder what Curtis Finch Jr. might have selected for Lazaro Arbos.

    Truth be told, this current crop of contestants often showed better judgment choosing songs for each other than they have when choosing songs for themselves. "Idol" should consider having a "Competitors' Picks" theme every week. Overall, this was one of the best "Idol" episodes in a long time.

    But it was not without its problems, of course.

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  • The Voice, The Day After: Season 6 Playoffs, Round 3 Dish

    Last night, the "Voice" top 20 Playoffs concluded with the Team Usher semifinals, after weeks of battles, and now we finally have our top 12. Is it the best possible top 12 Season 6 could have had? Would it have been a better top 12 if America had had the chance to vote? These topics are up for debate.

    And today to discuss all this and more is returning "The Day After" guest co-host Nic Hawk, who you may remember from his awesome "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" and "Blurred Lines" show-stoppers on "The Voice" last season. Come join the chat now!

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  • The Thrill Is Gone? 'The Voice' Top 12 Revealed — With One Big Omission

    Someone is missing here... [photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images]

    "The Voice" Season 6 Playoffs wrapped Tuesday night with semifinals performances by Team Usher — meaning that now, finally, we have our top 12 headed to the Live Playoffs that begin next week.

    It's a bit of a bummer, after so many weeks of Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, more Battle Rounds, and non-live Playoffs, that the live shows will only go on for five weeks — with double eliminations every week between now and the finale. But you know what else is a bummer? When Usher made his decision this Tuesday as to which three contestants to send to those live shows, he made one glaring omission.

    [Related: Season 2's Jamar Rogers Dishes About the Season 6 Playoffs]

    Sure, this was a tough call; with really no weak links on Usher's team, it was inevitable that he'd be sending home two great vocalists, even if he drew their names out of his raccoon hat. But maybe he should have pulled names out of a hat. Because then, maybe, Stevie Jo would have stayed.

    Sorry for the spoiler only three

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