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  • Taylor Swift Gets in (Yet Another!) Veiled Barb at an Awards Show

    Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris

    Taylor Swift has a history of taking little, not-so-subtle at times, digs at her exes — in both her songs, and her stage appearances at awards shows. The 2013 Video Music Awards saw yet another one of these, delivered sweetly as a "compliment."

    Upon receiving the award for Top Female Video (for her tune "I Knew You Were Trouble"), Swift took the stage and did the usual rundown of thanks to the usual professionals who helped make the clip. She then paused and noted in a pleasant tone that she wanted to thank "the person who inspired this song, because now I have one of these," indicating her trophy.

    Now, it's never been confirmed just exactly who "Trouble" is about. But of course, the cameras panned to Swift's arguably most famous ex, Harry Styles, who himself was there as both a VMAs presenter and nominee with his band One Direction.

    Oh snap, Taylor, there you go again!

    However, as we noted, there's no solid confirmation the song is about Styles. In fact, the boy-band heartthrob even made headlines last week for noting that he's "sure" Swift will write a song about him. As not in "has written" — as in "will write." ("At least she's a great songwriter," he quipped.)

    Swift didn't just attract attention for her little barb on stage. She also sported an eye-catching vintage-style 'do on the red carpet, which drew mixed opinions on Twitter, with a fairly equal split of "love" vs. "hate" votes.

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  • Miley Cyrus’s Unique VMAs Hairstyle Draws Criticism, Comparisons

    Just last week, Miley Cyrus made headlines for declaring she's, like, so over her short hair. So what's a girl to do when she's waiting for her mane to grow out — and she has a major awards show to attend?

    In Cyrus's case, at least, the answer seems to be "make it look as weird as possible." Whether the Minnie Mouse-esque twin knots she sported on top of her head on the red carpet at 2013's Video Music Awards were a deliberate attempt to be edgy or simply a desperate move out of boredom, we have to hand it to Cyrus for at least not taking the easy way out (that would be hair extensions, natch).

    Photo: Kevin Mazur

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  • Linda Ronstadt Announces She Has Parkinson’s Disease; Will Never Sing Again

    Photo: John Shearer

    She's a legendary vocalist who has been charming audiences for decades. However, Linda Rondstadt, 67, has announced that her performing career is coming to a forced end. The singer told AARP on Friday that she is "unable to sing a note" due to Parkinson's Disease.

    Ronstadt revealed that she was diagnosed eight months ago, but that her symptoms started years before that. She claimed her health went awry eight years ago when she suffered a tick bite, and later suffered shaky hands from what she thought were complications from shoulder surgery. However, when she finally got the diagnosis, she was thrown off guard.

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  • Jake Owen Gives Fans a Bloody Good Show…Really

    Here's a friendly little PSA for the country-music lovin' Twitter users out there. If you all happen to be in the habit of eating your lunch or dinner while checking your social media, you may want to avoid Jake Owen's Twitter account for a few days.

    The hitmaker, who was in a go-kart accident last month that shattered his hand, announced this week that he has had the tip of his right ring finger amputated as a result of complications during recovery. In case you don't believe him, here's proof (do not click if you are squeamish --it is very graphic).

    Owen also posted a less, er, revealing shot of his condition on Twitter, noting that he'd met a fan who had the same situation going on."Straight nubs," he joked.

    Jake Owen/Twitter

    Amazingly, Owen was still able to perform a scheduled free concert in Nashville on Monday, which was the same day he had the fingertip removed. Reportedly, he tried to convince his doctors to wait one day for the surgery so he could get the show under his belt, but they

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  • Exclusive! Tim McGraw Talks About Teaming Up With Duracell to Honor First Responders

    Photo: Desiree Navarro

    What does Tim McGraw have in common with a battery? Well, aside from the fact that they both have the ability to power things up, the real answer is this: The country superstar has teamed up with battery giant Duracell to create a video series recognizing the heroic acts of emergency first responders across the country.

    McGraw recently spent time in New York visiting the FDNY training center, and he had an eye-opening experience learning about their bravery in the face of Hurricane Sandy. Hearing stories first-hand from these brave individuals affirmed McGraw's dedication to this latest campaign, dubbed Quantum Heroes -- which includes a remarkably generous gesture from Duracell. The company, which is launching its new Duracell Quantum brand, is donating 1 million of the batteries to first responders and community safety organizations across the nation.

    In this exclusive interview, McGraw talks to Yahoo! Music about how he hooked up with this particular and very worthy campaign, his

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  • Taylor Swift Looks Smashing as She Smashes Staples Center Record

    Photo: Robert Rosano/

    Taylor Swift not only is adept at breaking records, she totally knows how to look smashing while smashing them!

    The blond superstar's latest coup to add to her case of achievements came on Tuesday, when she was honored by Los Angeles's Staples Center arena for having the most sold-out shows of all time at the venue.

    Swift is actually tied with Latin pop group Mana for her total of 11 arena sellouts (she's playing four dates in L.A., the final of which is on Saturday), but she's still the top solo artist to achieve the number. In fact, she managed to breeze easily past the previous solo record-holder -- Britney Spears, who has had eight Staples Center sellouts.

    And, furthermore no disrespect to the fine guys in Mana (or Ms. Britney, for that matter), but we're pretty sure none of them can break Swift's record for looking hot. The singer arrived for the first night of her L.A. run in a stunningly stark black bodycon gown that perfectly set off her slim figure, blond locks, and red

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  • Meet Jessta James: He Loves Country, Southern Rock…And Hip-Hop Too!

    Photo: Ryan Russell

    Mixing different musical genres with country is nothing new at this point -- in fact, some may say it's become a bit of a trend these days -- but it's safe to say not too many country artists found their way to Nashville via a hip-hop route.

    That's exactly what happened to Jessta James, however. Although you'd probably never guess it by listening to his debut album, Time To Get Right, the Montana native discovered his initial love of songwriting through rapping. The hip-hop world led him to Los Angeles, where he cut his musical teeth working with a number of high-profile names in the industry, before deciding he wanted to mix up a sound all his own. And that sound involved a lot of his favorite genre, country. He found his connection to the country world via an Atlanta-based music producer, who believed in James's aural "vision" and co-wrote music which they eventually brought to Nashville.

    Now he's a country boy through and through, but James will never forget his multi-genre past--which even saw him opening up for rappers Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in cowboy boots!

    We had the opportunity to hang out with James for a bit and get his take on the unique musical blend he's brought to the country scene.

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  • Sean McNabb of Dokken (Photo: Jason Squires)

    Grammy-nominated metal legends Dokken have in their repertoire a 1984 hit, "Just Got Lucky," and that title was particularly apt this weekend. The band, along with fellow '80s hitmakers Ratt, were taking a short flight on Saturday afternoon from Moline, Illinois to their next tour stop in the Chicago area when their chartered jet's cockpit caught fire, necessitating an emergency landing.

    As we said, though, lucky: Nobody was hurt, just a little shaken up. "Unreal," noted Dokken bassist Sean McNabb."Aborted landing, we had some sort of smoke on the plane. We were just doing our normal thing, sitting there telling stories, and we saw the cockpit open, and it was full of smoke. The pilots had their oxygen masks on. We saw a pilot jump up really fast with a worried look on his face, so then we got worried."

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  • Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer: Splitsville?

    Photo: Rick DiamondEveryone loves a cute country couple, and engaged sweethearts Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer seemed poised to be the next Nashville husband-and-wife power team. Alas, it seems that will not happen: The pair have allegedly broken up.

    A report from People on Thursday noted that a source confirmed the split, explaining, "They are both so busy right now...They are both on the road and have to spend a lot of time apart, which isn't ideal for any couple, let alone a couple trying to plan a wedding."

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  • Chris Young Hospitalized With Leg Infection; Cancels Shows

    Photo: Mindy SmallCountry star Chris Young was in the middle of a busy touring schedule this week, when all of a sudden his plans went totally awry. The singer was en route to his Wednesday tour stop in Montana, but instead found himself in an ambulance and is now recovering from a leg infection in a Denver hospital.

    Young had no idea there was a problem until the symptoms set in. "I didn’t even know I was sick,” he said. “One minute I was fine then suddenly I’m being rushed to the hospital."

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