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  • Hear It First: Get Your Metal on With Fozzy's Full Album, 'Do You Wanna Start a War'

    As heavy metal fans worldwide have been well aware of since 1999, "The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla," aka WWE champ Chris Jericho, has a robust second job as the frontman of Fozzy, the band he started with Stuck Mojo's Rich Ward. In fact, he's actually moved that position up to his primary occupation, having announced in late 2013 that he plans to focus on music as his main gig.

    That's a decision that he clearly didn't have to "wrestle" too hard with, as fans are ecstatically awaiting the band's sixth album, Do You Wanna Start a War, which hits the streets July 22. Yahoo Music is excited to offer the first listen to the entire album, all the way through, to get you even more pumped up for the release. Enjoy!

    Fozzy will be hitting the road all fall in support of the new record. If you'd like to keep up with their schedule, visit here.

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  • Rodney Crowell Talks Poetry, Longevity, and the Evolution of Nashville

    "Poet" is an elusive term that, arguably, any songwriter would eagerly aspire to. However, ironically for such a creative pool, very few musicians actually can claim – or even merely accept – this title. 

    Although Rodney Crowell, who despite four critically acclaimed decades in the music business exudes a remarkably down-to-earth personality, may not trumpet the claim that he is in this coveted category, fans of his work certainly are quick to affirm that he is. That's no exception for the 63-year-old singer-songwriter's latest solo work, Tarpaper Sky, which follows two storied collaborations: The album Kin which he created with his literary confidant, author Mary Karr; and the Grammy-winning Old Yellow Moon with fellow legend Emmylou Harris. He also managed to write a book during this collaborative period, the 2011 memoir Chinaberry Sidewalks, which details his Texas upbringing.

    "I cannot say I’m a poet," Crowell admits, with a pleasant shrug. "That's for someone when they take in

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  • New Duo Maddie & Tae Take 'Bro Country' Backlash to the Limit

    Who says there is a shortage of female power in country music these days? Despite the sheer volume of male singers on the charts lately — a phenomenon that has been garnering a lot of buzz in Nashville — there are plenty of girls with lots to say in Music City these days.

    Proof positive is new duo Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye, a pair of 18-year-old women who perform under the name Maddie & Tae and are attracting a lot of attention with their debut single, "Girl in a Country Song." The composition is a direct response to the "bro-country" trend — which, if you're not familiar, is the frequency of such musical themes involving drinking liquor, driving cars, and partying, with women mentioned (if at all) only as mindless props to such activities.
    The tune directly quotes lyrics from male artists who’ve become well-known for songs about girls in cut-off jeans and bikini tops, sitting pretty at tailgates and fetching beers for their boyfriends. (We won't name any names, but we're sure you

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  • Garth Brooks Promises New Music, Digital Releases, World Tour

    Garth Brooks, historically one of digital music's most stalwart holdouts, startled fans during a Nashville press conference Thursday by announcing he would finally be offering his music for download.

    Brooks did not make clear whether his catalog would be sold at iTunes, Amazon, or other services, but did state that music would be available via his official website in  two to three weeks.

    The 52-year-old country icon is one of the very last artists who shuns the digital marketplace, having expressed disagreement with iTunes's marketing strategies, and has become almost as famous for this particular standoff as he is for his music itself. Other top-selling holdouts like AC/DC and the Beatles eventually broke down and put their catalogs online, but Brooks has stuck to his guns until now.

    Brooks is also one of the few superstars who has managed to avoid social media, but he noted that he is figuring it out and plans to ease into both Facebook and Twitter accounts... eventually.

    Brooks, who

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  • Natalie Stovall and the Drive: Comin' On And On With It!

    "It is an interesting thing when you're called a new artist...when you’ve been doing it for a really long time," smiles new-but-not-really-new Nashville phenomenon Natalie Stovall. "I keep hearing that it takes 10 years to become an overnight success and we’ve been at this for about nine years, as a band together. So I keep hoping that that’s true because that means in one more year we're an 'overnight success.'"

    If this is the first you've heard of Stovall, rest assured that she actually has been at this music game for a while, along with her longtime band the Drive. Although they are currently ratcheting up tons of attention for the hit single "Baby Come On With It," Stovall, a Tennessee native, began playing the fiddle at an early age, eventually going professional at just 10 years old. She made her Opry debut at 12, and went on to rack up further impressive notches on her resume, such as an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

    Upon entering college in Boston the aforementioned

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  • See It First! Marc Broussard Premieres Touching Video for 'A Life Worth Living'


    It’s been a decade since soulful Southern singer Marc Broussard released his critically acclaimed major-label debut, Carencro, named after the Louisiana town where he was born and raised. Now he’s on his sixth studio album, A Life Worth Living, which will be released July 29 and celebrates the same themes of home and community which marked the beginnings of his recording career.

    Yahoo Music is pleased to premiere the video for the title track, a beautiful moving song about Broussard’s grandmother, who passed away just as Hurricane Isaac was bearing down on the gulf coast of Louisiana.

    “The lion’s share of the material on this record is extremely personal.” Broussard says. “There are decades of stories behind a single line in any of these songs. Whether it’s because I’m older and a little more perceptive, or whether it was just the right time, I find myself with a set of songs that really means the world to me,” In that way alone, it’s vastly different than anything I’ve done

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  • See It First! Colbie Caillat Premieres Self-Acceptance Anthem, 'Try'

    A welcome sentiment that has been making waves in the media these days is the concept of individual beauty

    In Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat's new video for "Try," which you can see first here on Yahoo Music, the singer provides an affecting visual montage of this very concept, showing women of all sizes, ethnicities, ages, and with their own various standout features — all looking happy, healthy, and confident.

    The clip also provides images of the women both with and without makeup (including Caillat herself), proving that one can be just as beautiful with a bare face. One woman even takes off her wig to proudly display her bald skull, with a big smile.

    Caillat wrote “Try” more than a year ago, during a period when she was feeling exhausted from the pressure that she felt as a woman; particularly one in the competitive entertainment industry. The singer worked with co-writer and fellow star Babyface to create a special message to herself and others: You don’t have to

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  • Country Stars' Summer Fun!

    Summer is the season of sun, good times, and fireworks — and your favorite country stars are just as ready as you to start the beach balls rolling. If you're wondering what some of their plans might be, plenty of them will be out there playing shows for the fans during the Fourth of July weekend. However, many have other ideas for fun on this year's holiday.

    Which new artists are hitting the road this summer with a country superstar? What female singer is bikini shopping for her long-awaited Hawaiian vacation? Who is keeping it classic by traveling to the beach, taking a fishing trip on the river, or just hanging out with friends? And, of course...who is looking forward to the fireworks? Find out now!

    Whatever your plans may be for the Fourth of July, be safe, stay cool, and be sure to crank up some country tunes!

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  • Hear It First! John Mellencamp Debuts Rare Live Track

    Rock 'n' roll legend John Mellencamp is currently working on his 22nd full-length album, which will be released this fall, but fans have something that will be most satisfactory in the meantime. Mellencamp is poised to drop his previously unreleased 2003 concert album, John Mellencamp Performs Trouble No More Live At Town Hall, on July 8.

    Trouble No More, Mellencamp's personal studies on 11 American folk and blues classics, came out in June of 2003 to a slate of critical and popular acclaim. The following month, Mellencamp performed the complete album for an intimate audience at New York’s Town Hall.

    Yahoo Music is thrilled to exclusively premiere “To Washington” from the album. Enjoy! 

    For more information and to preorder John Mellencamp Performs Trouble No More Live At Town Hall, visit here.

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  • See It First! Colt Ford Premieres 'Dirty Side'

    Colt Ford has your summertime jams all tied up: The country-hybrid pioneer has just released his fifth studio album, Thanks For Listening, in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend.

    In addition to that, Yahoo Music is stoked to premiere the video for single "Dirty Side," which features Mattie Breaux from CMT's top-rated show, Party Down South. It's hard to get more summertime-fun than Ford's jaunt in Panama City; there's plenty of sandy beaches, purty girls in bikinis, and a bit of deep-sea fishing to round out the party. The tune additionally features singer/songwriter Walker Hayes. Get down!

    Thanks For Listening includes Ford's brand-new collaborations with such famous friends as Keith Urban, Lee Brice, Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson, and more. Ford himself will be touring all summer long and into the month of November -- to find out when he'll be coming to your town, visit here.

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