Lionel Richie & Shania Twain, Framed

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Here at Framed, we're all about writing funny captions for music videos. Using our super secret "funny caption algorithm" -- the result of decades of humor research and experimentation -- we've managed to bring science to the world of funny captions.

It's something like cold fusion, if cold fusion was funny. And, yes, you're welcome.

You'll surely marvel at our use of italics, gasp at our bold approach to exclamation points, and be staggered by our innovative posing of implied, completely ridiculous questions.

And we won't even get into our uber-brief paragraphs! Don't make us come over there!

This week, our guests are Lionel Richie and Shania Twain -- titans, both! -- and their great new song, "Endless Love." Yes, Lionel's going "country"-- like Bon Jovi did recently in a brilliant attempt at relevance -- and he managed to rope in Ms. Twain for this tune.

His forthcoming album will feature more duets with country artists, so just think: we'll be able to do this over and over again! Because there is a God!

Please kick back and enjoy the video and captions and join us again next week, when we bring geography to the world of funny captions.

There's no stoppin' us now!

1 -- "What's that, Mr. President? Well, I wouldn't call Clint Eastwood a consummate hack."

2 -- Sadly, Ann Coulter was a week late for the special election day Framed!

3 -- "If only I could master important skills easily, at my pace, in the comfort of my home! If only there was a Video Professor!"

4 -- Realizing she was in a blog, Shania decided to comment on a post!

5 -- "Is it me you're looking for? I would suggest it is."

6 -- "To satisfy me? Like this."

7 -- "Me? Pretty much like this."

8 -- "I implore thee, mine Country Icon. Grant me Nashville cred and all I have shall be yours!"

9 -- "And now to settle a few scores with some dogies."

10 -- "Dammit! When will those people stop their party? Or Karamu? Or fiesta? Or whatever it is? Yo, man tryin' to git some sleep here!"

11 -- The animals agreed! This "paying homage to Flipper" stuff was out of hand!

25 -- "Sure, Shania. That was way better than Diana Ross. You bet. No doubt about it."

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