Ne-Yo, Johnny Rzeznik, Herbie Hancock, Delta Rae & Natasha Bedingfield, Framed

Well, it's that time again, everybody: Time to set our clocks back an hour and return to standard time.

We kid you, readers! We did that clock stuff on Sunday!

Actually, it's time to get out there and vote! In the USA! 'Cause we rule!

This year, Mr. President Obama is running for a second term. His opponent is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. And what a race it's been! The polls say it's neck-and-neck as we approach Election Day, so every vote counts!

Naturally, Y! Music endorses no candidate, and Framed itself is famously non-partisan. To tell you the truth, we still don't know which of these guys we're gonna vote for. We just want you to get out there and exercise your right as a patriotic American.

In keeping with this week's election theme, our video is "Forward," a Vevo premiere put together by Ne-Yo, Johnny Rzeznik, Herbie Hancock, Delta Rae and Natasha Bedingfield, all of whom -- and this is a surprise! -- seem to support Mr. Obama.

We looked high and low for a music video supporting Mr. Romney, but it appears nobody likes him.

Oh, we're just kidding again. We can do that because Framed is also a humor blog.

In fact, lots of big stars support Mr. Romney -- we're talking about Meat Loaf here, mostly -- but nobody's made a music video for him yet. So we're going with this "Forward" thing, 'cause, election or not, we like getting paid.

So, let's sum it up: Election. Tuesday. Obama. Romney. You. Vote.

See you next week, and God bless America!

1 -- "Mitt! C'mon, man, put on some pants!"

2 -- "Why, if this radio ad is accurate, the president actually ordered a nuclear strike on the auto industry!"

3 -- "Begorrah! I also support Home O'Sexual rights!"

4 -- "Reading The Big Book of Massachusetts Health Care Reform has certainly opened my eyes!"

5 -- Even though the president is now a jazz icon, he still cares!

6 -- "See, class? Community... Communism. It all ties together. Now, let's talk about killing your parents in their sleep."

7 -- "Oh, cheer up, my man. Michele Bachmann could still be the president someday! Now, watch your step in this strange, parallel universe we've entered."

8 -- "What do we want? Amnesia! When do we want it? When do we want what?"

9 -- "And, yet, Froggie did go a-courtin'! As has been proven in song!"

10 -- Replacing the "Presidential Debates" with "Presidential Hungry, Hungry Hippos" was non-negotiable!

11 -- The new mobile app that sends voters registered by Acorn into the Phantom Zone is great!

12 -- Having flattened, shrunk and trapped the Commander-In-Chief, Brainiac decided he no longer needed Luthor!

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