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    The most shocking song of Eminem's career is actually a tribute to his mother.

    On "Headlights," from Eminem's "MMLP2" album, the rapper offers a mature, sincere apology to his mom, Debbie Mathers, with whom he remains estranged.

    The title "Headlights" is a reference to their last meeting. As she drove away, he became fixated on the headlights of her car as he coped with feelings of "overwhelming sadness," he raps.

    On the song that features .fun singer Nate Reuss delivering the chorus, the Detroit rapper quickly apologizes for dissing his mother in songs like 2002's "Cleanin' Out My Closet" in which he calls her a "selfish b-tch" he hopes would "burn in hell."

    In 1999, Debbie filed a $10 million lawsuit against Eminem, accusing him of slander and settled for $25,000 in 2001.

    "I went in headfirst, never thinking about who what I said hurt … My mom probably got it the worst," he raps in his opening lyrics.


    Later he adds,

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  • Expect Miesa to make her mark as a new female R&B/pop contender to watch.

    The New Jersey native, who has worked with the likes of Kaleena of Dirty Money, Cassidy, Young Joc and Joe Thomas, doesn't need an Auto-Tune assist to hit her high notes -- or low ones either.

    Yahoo Music is honored to premiere her latest single, "Nope (Can't Let Go)," a booming-beat and piano-driven tearjerker about an unbreakable connection to a true love.

    Written by JacksonCroft and produced by The Chemistri, "Nope (Can't Let Go)" is just easy feeling, good music, showcasing the vocal dexterity of the Siri Music Group / Entertainment One (eOne) recording artist.

    The singer who grew up in a musical household and plays the guitar, clarinet and piano said she wants her fans to connect to her music. “I want my fans to feel the music the way that I do," she said in a statement. "I'm in love with harmonies and backgrounds that give music different dynamics. I just
    want people to experience what's in my heart and

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  • Three 6 Mafia and Da Mafia 6ix member Gangsta Boo made some shocking revelations about witchcraft during an exclusive three-part interview with Yahoo Music.

    Since their debut in the 1990s, Three 6 Mafia has been plagued with rumors that they worshiped the devil because their name references 666, a number typically associated with Satan; they rapped about Lucifer; and they incorporated Satanic imagery in their artwork.

    During an exclusive interview with Yahoo Music's The Aftermath, Gangsta Boo revealed that she experimented with witchcraft after she joined the Memphis group.

    "I dibbled and dabbled in witchcraft 'cause I was young and I wanted to know what the dark side was about," she said during Part 3. "I've always heard about it and we was in this group called 666 Mafia so I wanted to be as dark as possible."

    Gangsta Boo admits that her mother did not approve of her exploration.

    "I bought a witchcraft book and my momma put me out the house," she said. "It's not that I was sitting in

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    Kanye West wants to change the meaning of the controversial confederate flag.

    The rapper has received backlash for using images of the flag on T-shirts sold during his Yeezus tour stops.

    During an interview Monday on Los Angeles's 97.1 AMP Radio, Kanye explained why he supports his decision to promote the flag that symbolizes the southern states that defended slavery during the civil war and is used to represent white supremacist hate groups.

    "The confederate flag represented slavery," Kanye told the station. "That's my abstract take on what I know about it. So I made this song 'New Slaves.' So, I took the confederate flag and made it my flag. It's my flag now. So what you gone do? Ain't nothing [going] to happen."

    photo: Instagram

    According to Kanye, his tour merchandise is selling well. "We're doing like really good with the merch," he told AMP. "We're doing like Metallica numbers, like $14 a head. We're doing like [Justin] Bieber numbers."

    What do you think of Kanye's use of the confederate flag?

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  • Eminem's new song "Monster" could be considered a PSA for mental health.

    On the song bustling with electric rock guitars and heavy drum snares, the Detroit rapper discusses being influenced by voices he hears in his head. He refers to the voices as the monster under his bed.

    Rihanna, who also teamed with Eminem for the 2010 hit "Love The Way You Lie," sings the chorus, "I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed/ Get along with the voices inside of my head/ Keep tryin' to save me/ Stop holding your breath/ And you think I'm crazy/Well that's not fair."

    Throughout the song, Eminem describes his struggle to feel normal. "Going cuckoo and kookie as Kook Keith, but I'm actually weirder than you think."

    He even asks his listeners not to judge him. "I'm just relaying what the voice in my head's saying," he raps. "Don't shoot the monster."

    He admits that he knows his admission will be hard to grasp for some. "Maybe I need a straight jacket for real, but I'm OK with that. It's

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    R&B superstar Jody Watley took some cues from some of her favorite songs when prepping her single "Nightlife," the debut from her first album in seven years.

    "Nightlife" is a feel good, soulful dance record that offers an uplifting message with lyrics like, "Life ain't easy. I feel like I want to get out. Have myself a good time."

    During a recent three-part interview with Yahoo Music, Jody said songs like McFadden and Whitehead's "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" inspired "Nightlife."

    "I started listening to some of those songs I had not heart in a long time and that even if you never heard it before it just lifts you up, the O'Jay's 'Message In Our Music,' Phyllis Hyman's 'You Know How to Love Me,' Shalamar's 'Night To Remember,'" she said in Part 1.

    Jody said she wanted to give her listeners a reason to feel good about themselves. "A lot of music you can dance to but the message of it and there's no call to be fabulous, get your hair done, nails done," she said.

    "Nightlife" will be

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  • 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' stars Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez talk wedding and more. photo: Robert Gardner

    Super producer Stevie J and the Puerto Rican princess Joseline Hernandez have turned reality television upside down with their explosive, animated personalities on VH1's hugely popular series "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

    Yahoo Music's The Aftermath got a taste of their intensity when the newly married couple recently stopped by the offices for an interview.

    Though there was no three-way wedding proposal, fistticuffs or strip club scenes, there was plenty lively discussion during the three-part video interview.

    Arguably the most shocking revelation was Stevie J's plan to showcase more of his music on the upcoming season.

    Stevie said he and Joseline talked to executive producer Mona Scott-Young about their storyline. "Mona and my wife and I had a conversation and now its more less she's going to let me implement some of my music," Stevie said during Part 2 of the interview. "And I love it. Being a musician, I love to play the guitar, the piano, saxophone, trumpet, drums, bass, whatever it

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  • New Zealand's All Blacks rugby team surprise Beyoncé with Haka dance.

    It looks like Beyoncé has found a new favorite dance.

    Following the "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" singer's concert Saturday at New Zealand's Vector Arena, the country's All Blacks rugby team surprised her with their traditional Haka dance.

    The 30-second routine filled with two-dozen men grunting, flexing and chanting turned into a faceoff as Beyoncé did her best to keep up. She growled, cheered and even stuck out her tongue to show her gratitude.

    "She didn't know about it and was completely surprised when she ran off stage and was suddenly welcomed by the Haka," a rep for Sony, Beyoncé's label, told The New Zealand Herald. "The energy was so intense, she started doing the Haka back."

    According to a video posted on Beyoncé's YouTube channel Thursday, the All Blacks perform the ritual before international rugby matches to "intimidate the opponent," though it is also used to "honor a distinguished guest."

    The All Blacks have been performing variations of the pre-game custom since

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  • Kanye West doesn't consider it blasphemous to have a Jesus impersonator on his Yeezus tour set.

    The controversial rapper shocked those in attendance Saturday at his opening date when an actor portraying the Son of God joined him on stage during the introduction of his song "Jesus Walks."

    "White Jesus is that you? I been looking for you my whole life," Kanye said at the Key Arena in Seattle when the actor emerged, dressed in a white gown. The biblical figure replied, "But I found you. I've been here the whole time."

    The scene that included profanity in the dialogue received some backlash. A concertgoer is heard saying, "Way too far, Man" as others cheered in video footage that surfaced online.

    In an interview Monday on San Francisco's KMEL, Kanye said he consulted ministers about the segment. "I talked to pastors about it," he told the radio station. "I talked to my friend Pastor Rich that has the church down in Miami and asked him about it. And my girl asked him separately, too, 'Do

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    There's a scene in the VH1 movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story that is reminiscent of the female bank heist film Set It Off.

    Upset that they had not been appropriately compensated for the sales of their sophomore album, CrazySexyCool, the members of TLC held hostage Clive Davis, then president of Arista Records, demanding payment.

    They stormed the label with a group of female convicts, and confiscated any TLC paraphernalia in site.

    The scene is one of the shocking moments in the film premiering on VH1 Monday, Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

    The depiction is based on a true story, members Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas and Tionne "T-Boz" told Yahoo Music Friday in an exclusive video interview in their publicists' office in Hollywood.

    "First of all it's funny because people get to see that in the movie, but I personally would have liked it if it would have showed a little bit more of that because that was a serious thing that we went through," Thomas said. "We talked about that."

    Late group member

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