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Chris Brown’s ‘Wall To Wall’: Black Music Month Best Video #27

Chris Brown's "Wall To Wall" ranks at No. 27 on Yahoo!Music's 30 Best Videos In Black Music History list. Tomorrow, expect a surpriseentry from a slick, shark-suit-wearing one-hit wonder from the '80s.

Forget about the first minute of Chris Brown's "Wall ToWall" video, the black corvette and sexy female vampire who bites him. It's hisgrand entrance to the blood sucker's ball that sets off this video for the firstsingle from his seminal sophomore album "Exclusive."

As Chris heads towards the action, he's escorted by two phenomenalbackground dancers, a pair of mini mes who krump like junior members of "America's Best Dance Crew" team Street Kingdom.

Once inside, Chris romps with a room full of beautifulvampires. He flies, climbs walls, and finds the time to break into a dancesequence.

Directed by Erik White, "Wall To Wall" is inspired by other sci-fistorylines, Wesley Snipes's "Blade" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller." While itisn't as elaborate as Michael's "Thriller," "Wall To Wall" does affirm Chris'sposition as the heir apparent to Michael's penny loafers.

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