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  • Having written up the #1 hit singles of the era and also having looked deep and hard at the best-selling albums of 1988, I realized I was leaving out a huge part of the story. Some might say THE story. Pop music is popular fashion, but the underbelly only grew larger the more the corporate entities attempted to control the outcome. No one can believe the shoulder pads were theirs, but those who dressed in black never went out of style.

    Beyond the charts are often the musicians who do the more interesting work. College radio really expanded the scope for all things and back in the 1980s it came into its own formalized success story. Still, there were bands only a few people ever caught in their prime.

    This list reflects albums I remember seeing and either hearing or hearing about at the time that 1988 was happening. Plenty of great albums from the likes of the Go-Betweens to Talk Talk to (your missing fave here) are not here because fact is, some names didn’t break in my neck of the NYC suburb woods. So, blame thine self!

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  • Looking at the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Charts from twenty-five years ago, the year 1988 if my math is correct, shows a very different kind of chart action. The year has 53 weeks, due to the last week sneaking in as December 31, but the #1 top slot is held by 33 different songs throughout the year, with Steve Winwood’s “Roll With It” holding the top slot for four entire weeks. Compare that to 2013.

    In 2013, there have been only 11 #1 hits as of the Week of November 2, with Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell’s “Blurred Lines” hanging there for 12 weeks while Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” is the only song to hold the #1 spot for one week. “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz hits #1 in two separate streaks of four and two, interrupted by Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” for five weeks!

    Listed below is the song/ artist and (# of weeks at #1) beginning with January and ending with December and then those ingenious comments that readers unanimously say are the true reason they enjoy these articles and for which I am paid beyond handsomely, more like sublime prettiness.

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  • Rumors went up and down the intertubes until the New York Times confirmed that Lou Reed died at the age of 71. That the heavens required Reed's services came as a shocker to those who assumed Reed would live forever, as most cranky old folks usually do. Apparently, his wife Laurie Anderson softened him up just enough to be vulnerable to human frailties and sweet emotion.

    I've listed a top 25 of sorts, of songs that look over his long career and then spend most of the time going back to those early Velvet Underground albums. In fact, as you'll see, there's an entire album out there that couldn't be broken up for the sake of a silly list.

    But, for real, Lou Reed, rest in peace.

    25) "Coney Island Baby"
    The title track to the album of the same name, "Coney Island Baby" is that moment on record where Lou tries a little tenderness and rubs one off for the coach. Man, he liked confusing his fans. Just when you thought he had the gay life figured out, he remembers his days playing football.

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  • As much as people love #1 hits, people also love to see which familiar songs didn't make it to #1. So, this list features songs from 1978 that made it into the Top 10 but never reached #1. After each artist's name, you'll see the song's peak position in the Billboard Top 40 Pop Charts.

    Some here were likely #1 hits on gerrymandered charts like Top Radio Dance Hits Covered by Payola, Top Hard Rock Songs on FM AOR Stations Who Play the Same 20 Artists To Death and Mall Record Store's Top Singles with White Kids in the Suburbs.

    Let's see where this day takes us! The songs are listed chronologically as they first appeared on charts in 1978. Artists with two songs are entered by the appearance of their first hit of the year.

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  • Sitting back on the couch reading the internets while listening to an early Yes album, while having discussed the merits of Kiss' Double Platinum 'Greatest Hits' album with a friend earlier in the day -- it's a hard job but somebody has to be paid to do it -- I came across the list of nominees for the 2014 Rock and Roll of Fame and, lo and behold, look who made the list! (My listening to the Dream Academy doesn't seem to have helped them at all.)

    Never before have I seen a list of potentials where I didn't get a bit queasy with at least half the potentials. I guess that's what happens when the Red Hot Chili Peppers are already in.

    To be eligible, artists must have released their first single or album in 1988 or earlier. This year, the Nirvana boys are the only act to be nominated in their first year of eligibility.

    While it's my belief that everyone should be admitted to the Hall of Fame because Rock 'n' Roll is not an elitist music, I understand the game being played and I offer up my choices 16-1.

    Your opinions may vary, though I have no idea why.

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  • I'm sure I've covered this year long ago when it was likely only 30 years ago. But it isn't like anyone wants to go looking for those lists. I know I don't. Not when I can fudge the whole concept into not albums, not #1 singles, but both! Yep, when it comes to innovation, I'm your guy!

    Whether or not 1978 was actually a good year is purely subjective. Unlike, say 1966, which is generally considered to be about the best year ever. Or maybe that's 1969. If only someone as astute as Mark Twain were alive to give us his perspective.

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  • This is not a list of the 25 Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Singers. That list would include many of the people here but would also add stylists like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Brian Wilson, Eric Burdon, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding…who have handled a variety of styles with similar authority.

    The people listed below would be folksingers or the most radical of bluesmen in another age. Or they might not make it anywhere. They are in no way bad singers, though a large portion of the melisma-conditioned public would disagree.

    Wondering where someone like Billy Corgan, Courtney Love, Anthony Kiedis or Henry Rollins might be? They would better qualify for a list of the Worst Rock 'n' Roll Singers Who Struggle To Sing Rock 'n' Roll.

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  • This week of September 11 and beyond will be temporarily known as Year 1 A.C. -- After Clash. Or so fans, record label folks and other ‘boosters’ of the group would like you to believe. Remember, this was once the group marketed as ‘The Only Band That Matters.’ They were also a band whose first album wasn’t released in the US until two years after its official UK release (with many tracks switched out) for being too raw for US listeners, who -- to be fair -- were busy assimilating the finer points of Yacht Rock at the time.

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  • Since young people don't pay for anything, since according to these non-rent-paying individuals all music should be free and musicians should subsist on good wishes, back slaps and help from their parents, it's up to the old folks to release music that their parents actually pay for. Veteran musicians have quaint fans who like to own cardboard, paper and shiny objects.

    Just looking out there you'll see a random assortment of stuff that is clearly not aimed at 20-somethings, but at people who have that cushy corner office job that says "Heck, yeah, I can afford somewhere between $12 and $400 to take some tunes home with me. Sure, I can do that."

    Of course the music business could likely make more money if they'd just not charge $17 for an album that everyone can rip for pennies. But I'm not here to tell Kanye's label how to run their business. (Though, seriously, a see-thru case with nothing but sample clearances as the artwork?)

    Thirteen sounds like a lucky number. Let's look at what old people are up to!

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  • Just because summer’s over and the time is now officially wrong for dancing in the streets doesn’t mean the party stops! In most cases, it means the party goes indoors! For those who love climate-controlled atmospheres, this news couldn’t be better!

    Here are some of the excellent, most anticipated shows available as people in the colder climes begin winterizing their homes and people in California cry because they have to wear a jacket in the evening!

    Las Vegas is jammed with people like Rod Stewart and Shania Twain who’d prefer you travel to them. The Dixie Chicks will stay in Canada! And The Eagles never go away!

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