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Birthday Girl Miranda Lambert Has A ‘Beastly’ Gift List!

Miranda Lambert (Photo: Frederick Breedon)Miranda Lambert turns 29 years old on November 10--and fans of the singer and her fellow star husband Blake Shelton are doubtless wondering what the reigning king and queen of country are doing to celebrate her special day.

Lambert tweeted on Friday that she was relaxing at home in Oklahoma with "mama making cupcakes," but there's no word about any special presents from the main man in her life.

Shelton probably is still busy figuring out what to get Lambert--because this girl has unusual tastes! When asked what's on her wish list while at a taping for a TV special hosted by her hubby, Lambert admitted to Yahoo! Music, "I told [Blake] I wanted a llama and an alpaca."

Real ones? "Yep. I know it sounds crazy, but I've wanted them for a long time!"

However, don't expect the animal lover--who calls her six dogs "her kids"-- to be tweeting pics of new furry friends for her birthday. The critters won't be moving in until next month. "I don't have my new barn done yet," she explains. "So I told him to wait and give it to me for Christmas."

One has to love a wife who'd rather have animals than jewelry, right? Lambert laughs. "I'll take diamond earrings too," she admits. "Maybe have the llama wear the diamond earrings--that would be perfect!"

Lambert, who won the Female Artist of the Year award at the Country Music Association Awards earlier this month, will appear with Shelton and a group of special guests on Shelton's Not So Family Christmas special--the show airs December 3 on NBC, so mark your calendars.


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