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Brad Paisley Releases New Single, ‘Southern Comfort Zone’

Brad Paisley, per usual, played the jokester when announcing his new single this week. He teased fans on Twitter with the following cut-off messages:

"So my record label wants me to tweet and say my new single is going to radio tonight & you'll start to hear it tomorrow. So the name of it is" (STOPS THERE.)

"Dang it!!Stupid 140 character rule.Let's try this again.I have a new single on its way that should be starting to be played tomorrow called" (STOPS THERE AGAIN.)

"Aaaaaaaah!!! Seriously? Daggum. One more try. Tomorrow you should be able to hear my new single on a radio station near you,as it is going t" (STOPS THERE AGAIN.)

"Never mind."

Ha, ha, Brad. Okay, so we know the name of the single now: It's "Southern Comfort Zone" (and if Brad's tweets drove you to drink a little Southern Comfort, you'll be forgiven). It was released to radio Thursday night, and it's the first cut off his next album--which we'll have to wait until April 9 to get our hands on, so enjoy this nice long lead-up now.

Paisley talked a little about his new record to the Tennessean, saying he's taking some chances with his musical choices this time. "My rule for this record is to leave our comfort zone as musicians and songwriters and production-wise, themes and everything, and think outside the box," he noted. "Every song should, at some moment, do to you what my dog does when I say a command he doesn't understand: His head goes sideways. And every song should have that moment in a good way."

Want to hear Brad Paisley's new single? Click here. Also check out this special video about the making of the track!

Paisley will be co-hosting the Country Music Association Awards with Carrie Underwood for the fifth time on November 1 in Nashville. He's nominated for the elite Entertainer of the Year award.

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