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Dumped ‘Idol’ Puppet Oscar Resurfaces As Rapper

Yo! Oscar, aka "OzCar," raps.Everyone may be focused on the Oscars right now, but let's talk about another Oscar, shall we?

A few weeks ago on "American Idol's" Oklahoma City episode, an intrepid ventriloquist named Halie Hilburn auditioned with Oscar, her trusty dog-puppet sidekick. Oscar certainly seemed to have "Idol" potential, but unfortunately, he was robbed: Halie followed the judges' stern advice to go solo, and she left her felt friend behind in Oklahoma (IN A DUMPSTER, yet) and went to Hollywood alone. And then, thanks to the totally A.D.D. editing this "Idol" season, viewers never saw Halie again.

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However, while Halie's Hollywood Week footage is still coiled on some Fox cutting-room floor somewhere, Oscar has defiantly clawed his way out of that dumpster and reinvented himself as OzCar, a rapper ready to battle even Nicki Minaj. OzCar raps on his debut single, released this week: "I'm flying solo, making green like a Muppet/If Eminem and Macklemore can, why not this white puppet?" He also spits disses about the "Idol" judges--cleverly rhyming "hurtin'" with "Urban," "pariah" with "Mariah," and "icky" with "Nicki"--and he's got some skillz:

So, how can I convince Fox to invite OzCar to the Season 12 "Idol" finale to duet with Nicki? That's a collabo that just has to happen.

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