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Exclusive! Watch The Season 2 ‘Smash’ Preview Starring Jennifer Hudson & Katharine McPhee

McPhee's Karen Cartwright is in awe of Hudson's Veronica MooreFollowing in the footsteps "American Idol" superstar Kelly Clarkson, who guest-mentored on "The Voice" last season, tonight (Monday) Jennifer Hudson also crosses the great "Idol"/"Voice" divide and makes a special mentoring appearance on "The Voice" herself. And adding to all this cross-show awesomeness is that, in a perfect act of well-timed NBC synergy, a preview of J.Hud in the forthcoming second season of NBC's musical dramedy "Smash"--starring Season 5 "Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee, of course--also debuts this fine Monday evening.

The extended preview of "Smash" Season 2 features Tony-winning stage star Veronica Moore (portrayed by J.Hud) showing Broadway newbie Karen Cartwight (played by Kat) the ropes--kind of a surreal scene for any avid "Idol" fan who remembers when both singers were just starting out years ago, auditioning for Simon, Paula, and Randy in that stark blue room.

And you know what's also surreal? Watching Katharine McPhee stagedive at a nightclub AND get cozy with her new love interest, played by Newsies star Jeremy Jordan. (I guess Dev is out of the picture, then...) Check out the full preview below and get "Smash"ed!

Season 2 of "Smash" premieres Tuesday, February 5 at 9pm on NBC.

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