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Move Over SuBo, Here’s NuBo: Is Janey Cutler The New Susan Boyle?

"Britain's Got Talent," the TV talent search that spawned worldwide phenomenon Susan Boyle, is back for another season across the pond. And the show's new breakout star is, like SuBo, a gray-haired Scotswoman.

Janey Cutler, a Blackburn-based mother of seven/grandmother of 13/great-grandmother of four, is--at age 80--old enough to be Susan Boyle's mum. But that didn't stop her from pursuing her long-deferred dream of singing stardom, trying out in Boyle's original audition city of Glasgow for Simon Cowell et al. And it certainly didn't stop Britain from falling in love with her. Janey has even already been nicknamed "NuBo" by the U.K. press after her audition of, fittingly, Edith Piaf's "No Regrets."

"I like singing, my friends say go in for it--better late than never!" Janey said on the show. "I've had a great life, seven kids, hard times, happy regrets."

Will Janey follow in SuBo's sensible-shoed footsteps and become an international star? That remains to be seen, but she told Britain's News Of The World that she would rather be judged on her own merits. "It's flattering to be compared to Susan, but I don't take any notice of that, really," she said. "I'd like to be successful in my own way. If not, I am just going to enjoy myself. I love singing. I'm glad I'm getting to experience the good life and have some fun."

All I can say is, go NuBo!

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