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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles’s Future Uncannily Predicted In Tim Urban Song

For those of you having trouble keeping track of Taylor Swift's lovelife--and who could blame you?--the latest man with whom America's sweetheart has been romantically linked is actually a Brit: Harry Styles, from "X Factor U.K." boy band One Direction. But of course (as Conor Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, et al would attest), it is probably only a matter of time before "Haylor" part ways and T.Swift records yet another autobiographical breakup ode about the whole whirlwind experience.

But guess what? Season 9 "American Idol" finalist Tim Urban has already beaten the girl to it, penning the Haylor-inspired original ballad "He Can Keep His Accent" and dedicating it to the future ex-couple. "There's a lot of people wondering what song she's going to write about him," Tim states in the introduction to his hilarious YouTube clip. "So I personally had an idea of what that song might sound like."

Wow. Taylor has been writing with Ed Sheeran lately, but she might want to consider collaborating with Tim on her next album of breakup songs, because Tim clearly possesses an uncanny knack for capturing her wide-eyed, lovelorn aesthetic--and possibly for predicting her romantic future.

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