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2012 Year in Review: The best and worst Canadian music videos

Alanis Morissette has one of the best Canadian music videos of the year(Photo by Mathis Wienand/Getty Images)

Another year has come and gone with some great and not-so-great music videos that have kept us entertained from January through December. Check out all of the Canadian clips that we thought were hits and misses over the course of 2012.

BEST: "Unfaithful" by The Envy
Toronto band The Envy's "Unfaithful" mixes elements of "Stomp" and rock music into one cohesive segment.

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In an interview with Yahoo! Canada Music, lead singer Shaun Frank explained the making of the video, saying, "I can't believe that we pulled it off because it seemed to be impossible as we started, but it took us about 12 takes and we got it [in one continuous shot.]…We tuned all of the glasses to the right pitches and [did it.] Once everything was sounding right, that's all it took."

WORST: "Parking Lot" by Nelly Furtado
What do you get when you cross hula dancing with a bunch of Mini Coopers and so many screen divisions that it makes you go cross-eyed? Nelly Furtado's music video for "Parking Lot."

BEST: "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
Aside from the super popular Justin Bieber cover, this song and music video introduced the world to Mission, B.C.'s Carly Rae Jepsen and has taken the top spot on multiple year-end countdowns. Just to name a few, "Call Me Maybe" has been named the iTunes song of the year, MTV's best song of 2012 and Billboard's official song of the summer.

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We don't think that it's possible to remember the music of 2012 without "Call Me Maybe" and Jepsen as the adorable girl next door.

WORST: "She Can Ride" by Dru
We're not sure what Toronto R&B artist Dru was going for in his video which featured a girl treating a bus like the stage at a strip club, but for future reference, we don't recommend crawling on the floor of the bus and then putting your hand into your mouth.

BEST: "Guardian" by Alanis Morissette
As her first music video to debut since becoming a mother, "Guardian" depicts a somewhat softer side of Alanis Morissette and is a throwback to her contribution to the 1998 film '"City of Angels."

Describing "Guardian," Morissette said, "I think it really shows how the parent/guardian angel role are linked... how, ultimately, a powerful inner parent calls upon a spirit to guide her/his choices on the loved ones' behalf... whether it is for a child, a friend, or an inner child...this love and this grace is available to everyone."

WORST: "Trying Not To Love You" by Nickelback
Upon first viewing, this Nickelback clip, starring "Seinfeld's" Jason Alexander and "Baywatch's" Brooke Burns, seems like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch gone wrong.

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But the 53-year-old actor seemed like he had a good time making the video. Alexander tweeted, "You can all hate on Nickelback but you give me any reason to hang out with a near naked Brooke Burns and I'm taking it. Damn, I'll pay YOU."

BEST: "The Sticks" by Mother Mother
Animated by Calgary artist and musician Chad VanGaalen, this music video by the Vancouver-based indie rock band features cringe-worthy cockroaches, an abandoned gym where mutated beings work out and some pretty powerful java. Can you picture this as the post-apocalyptic world?

WORST: "Headphones" by Anjulie
You would think that with lyrics like "I put my headphones on/Got my hands in my pocket," Anjulie would either have headphones on or at least don an outfit with pockets in her clip, "Headphones." Guess she's not a fan of the obvious.

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