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    New York rock band The Pretty Reckless visited Miami last month to film the music video for their latest single “F---ed Up World,” and frontwoman Taylor Momsen tells Yahoo Canada Music that “it’s all based on a ‘60s theme.”

    “I wrote the treatment and co-directed it with Jon J,” Momsen said. “It’s definitely a different style for us. It’s a very sarcastic video and we’ve never really put sarcasm in our videos before so it’s a different treatment.”

    The 20-year-old singer also commented on the costuming process for the clip. Fans can expect to see the former “Gossip Girl” actress in a groovy ensemble.

    “The look is cheap,” Momsen said with a laugh. “My outfit cost nothing. Literally it cost like $4. All of the tie-dye stuff, I made all of that myself. We played a lot with colour, which we haven’t done before.”

    “F---ed Up World” is the fourth single to come off The Pretty Reckless’ latest record “Going To Hell” behind songs like "Heaven Knows," "Kill Me" and the title track.

    The record

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    The end of the school year is so close we can feel it and to show you how excited we are, we’ve decided to give you a yearbook poll with a Canadian musician twist.

    We asked sassy Canadian singer/songwriter Jann Arden to weigh in on whom she thinks should be named in categories like “best smile” and “most gullible.” Check out her answers below and let us know in the comments who you would choose for each category!

    Check out Arden’s new album “Everything Almost” out now!

    Most likely to become a teacher
    Jann Arden says: Celine Dion

    Most likely to break a world record
    Jann Arden says: Neil Young, he’s going to live longer than anyone we’ve ever known.

    Best smile
    Jann Arden says: Jully Black

    Most likely to become a comedian
    Jann Arden says: Leonard Cohen, wouldn’t you think?

    Worst driver
    Jann Arden says: Justin Bieber

    Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket
    Jann Arden says: k.d. lang, because she doesn’t eat enough protein.

    Best laugh
    Jann Arden says: Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson


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  • Canadian singing/songwriting powerhouse Jann Arden released her 12th studio album “Everything Almost” on April 29 -- and she recently spoke with Yahoo Canada Music about a very meaningful lyric featured on the track “You Love Me Back.”

    In the tune, Arden sings, “I love you like mad/ And I cannot imagine why you love me back / You love me back.”

    “[The lyric] is definitely of a personal nature,” she revealed. “I think [that] all of us human beings are constantly kind of shocked and a little surprised by anyone that shows us kindness and affection. I don’t know why we are but this is the world in which we live.”

    Arden says that she wrote the song in Nashville on piano. With the help and encouragement of producer Bob Rock, it turned into the track that now makes you want to get up and dance.

    “'You Love Me Back’ reminds me of the best part of ABBA and what they did in the ‘80s with dance music," the singer explained. “They weren’t really heavy handed with it. They found great beats and

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  • Remember the Toronto crossing guard who was banned from dancing on the job? She’s back and better than ever!

    Over the past few years, Kathleen Byers made a name for herself by dancing on the job – but in December, Toronto police told her to put a stop to it because it was a public safety hazard.

    But thanks to Toronto-area band Born Ruffians, Kathleen’s got her groove back.

    In the newly-released video for “Oh Cecilia,” Byers shimmies and boogies in her crossing guard uniform while lyrics flash across the screen – and it’s awesome.

    "Well, like the guys in Born Ruffians, the home I grew up in was always filled with music," Byers said in a press release. "My parents had kitchen parties where you'd hear guitars, violin and even someone playing the spoons. It was truly a toe-tapping time. For me, music is the bread of life, and dancing is the way I play."

    “Oh Cecilia” comes from the expanded edition of Born Ruffians’ latest album “Birthmarks.” Earlier this year, the Ruffians were nominated

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  • These aren't your average grannies!

    Last month, Toronto rapper Abdominal (also known as Andy Bernstein) and his band The Obliques performed with a seniors’ group from Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto for the first time and proved that you are never too old to be a hip-hop star.

    Bernstein tells Yahoo Canada Music that his mother works as a part-time librarian at Holy Blossom Temple and it was her idea to bring him and his band in to perform for the group, which features roughly 60 seniors.

    “They all know my mom so they were very happy to meet me,” the rapper said. “I guess that she had, obviously, talked about me [to them].” Adding with a laugh, “Being the proud mom that she is.”

    A week prior to the recital, Bernstein visited Holy Blossom Temple to conduct a workshop with the seniors featured in the video to compose lyrics for their own performance. What he found during the writing session was that the group was very enthusiastic about participating.

    “Bev [who performs last in the clip]

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    It's good to be Serena Ryder! The 31-year-old indie darling not only hosted Sunday's Juno Awards -- but she took home two awards herself, for Songwriter of the Year and Artist of the Year.

    The past few days have been especially busy for Ryder -- she flew into Winnipeg on Friday and immediately began a flurry of interviews, appearances and rehearsals.

    While the "Stompa" singer was in town, she also took over our Instagram account to document her experience. Check out the highlights below:

    "Two days until the #Junos! @serenaryder #JunoAwards #Junos2014"

    "Getting it all started! CTV News interview with one of my fabulous co-hosts Johnny Reid. -- @serenaryder #junos2014"

    "MuchFact Brunch Menu! -- @serenaryder #junos2014"

    "@serenaryder accepting her award for Artist of the Year on Saturday night! #junos2014

    "@serenaryder gracing the front page of the Winnipeg Free Press this morning! Stompa your feet! #junos2014"

    "Sunday morning dress rehearsals #junos2014 @serenaryder"

    "@serenaryder 's

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  • Serena Ryder and Classified perform during the Juno Awards in Winnipeg, Sunday, March 30, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods
    We have to admit, this year’s Juno Awards were better than expected.

    The Canadian music awards show kicked off on a high note with a great performance by co-hosts Serena Ryder and Classified.

    However, as the night progressed there was plenty to talk about and many snubs and surprises along the way. Here are some of the most notable of the night:

    Snub: Drake loses Album of the Year

    It’s been a major year for Toronto rapper Drake with the release of his No.1 album “Nothing Was The Same.” At this year’s Juno Awards, Drizzy was nominated in four categories, including, Rap Recording of the Year, Artist of the Year, Juno Fan Choice Award and Album of the Year. However, he only walked away with one trophy (for Rap Recording of the Year), losing out to Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor” for Album of the Year.

    Surprise: Winnipeg is not a fan of Justin Bieber

    After it was announced that Justin Bieber had won the Juno Fan Choice Award (for the fourth time in a row), resounding boos made it clear that the

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  • This year’s Juno Awards were full of great Canadian moments and performances. We got to see things like our Olympians return home, the honouring of Bachman–Turner Overdrive and lots and lots of Serena Ryder! Check out the evening’s best and worst moments below.

    Serena Ryder and Classified perform during the Juno Awards in Winnipeg, Sunday, March 30, 2014. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods)
    Best: The opening performance
    Co-hosts Serena Ryder and Classified opened the 2014 Juno Awards with an awesome mash up of their respective songs “What I Wouldn’t Do” and “3 Foot Tall.” A children’s choir joined the two singers on stage for the performance and started off the night with a bang.

    Worst: Justin Bieber gets booed after winning Juno Fan Choice Award
    Justin Bieber has taken home the Juno Fan Choice Award in 2011, 2012 and 2013. It wasn’t a huge shock when he won it this year, but what did surprise us was the grumblings that could be heard from the audience during the broadcast after his name was announced. Bieber beat out fellow nominees Arcade Fire, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Drake, Hedley, Michael Bublé, Robin

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  • While there are dozens of important awards handed out at the Juno Awards -- Fan Choice Award is undeniably one of the biggest of the night.

    So, some people were understandably upset when Justin Bieber beat out other fan favourites like Arcade Fire, Celine Dion, Drake, Hedley, Michael Buble and Serena Ryder. In fact, when the Canadian women's Olympic curling team announced the award went to an absent Bieber, any cheers were almost completely drowned out by resounding boos.

    Of course, Bieber's dedicated fans (and others) took to Twitter to defend the 20-year-old star:

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  •  ALBUM OF THE YEAR (SPONSORED BY MUSIC CANADA) : Arcade Fire Arcade Fire Music*Universal Reflektor

    Tegan and Sara Warner Bros.*Warner

    A Tribe Called Red Tribal Spirit/Pirates Blend*Sony

      Serena Ryder, Serenader Source*Universal/Independent: Stompa "What I Wouldn’t Do” – Serena Ryder/”When You Know ft. Serena Ryder” – Matt Epp & The Amorian Assembly

    : Justin Bieber , Island Def Jam * Universal

    SINGLE OF THE YEAR: 'Closer' Tegan and Sara, Warner Bros. *Warner

    COUNTRY ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Crop Circles Dean Brody Open Road*Universal
    ADULT ALTERNATIVE ALBUM OF THE YEAR : Forever Endeavour Ron Sexsmith Warner


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