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  • Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean were showing up for a coronation, and they just didn't know it. King George — as in Strait — was reinstalled on the throne as the CMA Awards’ Entertainer of the Year Wednesday night, and his subjects had to divide the spoils.

    But spoils there were, in one of the better paced and least painful music awards shows in recent memory. Here were the night’s 10 most memorable moments:

    Kacey Musgraves gets progressive ... and censored!
    The wider world still doesn't know what the Best New Artist winner was suggesting that people do — "or don't" do— since ABC cut her mic each time the chorus of "Follow Your Arrow" came around to the line "roll up a joint." When asked by Billboard after the show about the network's decision, Musgraves expressed she thought it was a bit ironic. "I guess for some reason people feel the need to censor that word, but they leave 'crack' in," she said.

    So, in other words, ABC was cool with her singing, "But

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  • It's almost Halloween -- and in addition to watching our favourite scary movies, we can't stop watching our favourite ghoulish music videos. We’ve taken the liberty of gathering what we think are the best and worst scary music videos just in time for Halloween.

    Check out our picks below and let us know what your favourite and least favourite clips are in the comments section below!

    BEST: Marilyn Manson – “This is Halloween”

    The 2008 album “Nightmare Revisited,” which is a compilation of new renditions of tracks heard in the 1993 Tim Burton classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” features Marilyn Manson’s take on the tune “This is Halloween.”

    The musical salute to the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town is is even more frightening than the film.

    Pumpkin rating: 8 out of 10 pumpkins

    WORST: MC Hammer - "Addams Groove"

    The only thing that makes watching this music video bearable is the presence of “The Addams Family” cast members and awesome clips from the 1991 flick.

    "Addams Groove" won the Golden

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  • Since its release in 1982, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has been helping us get into the Halloween spirit.

    In honour of the spooktacular tune, music video and album, we’ve pulled together some pretty cool details that you might not have known about one of the most notable tracks in music history.

    Follow along as we enter a world where the King of Pop is the hottest werewolf in town and no one has ever heard of Team Jacob.

    1. The “Thriller” music video has it’s own Lego version.

    2. Children today still appreciate the video’s choreography.
    Check out this class of fifth graders taking on the “Thriller” dance sequence.

    3. Britney Spears recently paid homage the music video’s monologue (originally performed by actor Vincent Price) for BBC Radio 1 and it is hilarious!

    4. This is what the girl in the clip who played Jackson’s love interest, Ola Ray, looks like today.

    5. During an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” called “The 21-Second Excitation,” Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) points out that costume

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  • The wait is finally over!

    Just one day after hitting select stores in Ireland and Czech Republic, Arcade Fire's new album "Reflektor" leaked online -- five days before its official release.

    So now, the Canadian band has released the entire album on YouTube, and you can listen to it right now.

    Stream "Reflektor" in full below:

    "Reflektor" has already garnered a lot of attention, and on Thursday afternoon, the band's website even crashed.

    And of course, the album is exploding on Twitter, as well.

    Will you stream the album? Or will you wait until it hits stores on Oct. 29?

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  • Will Farquarson, Kyle Simmons, Dan Smith and Chris Wood of Bastille. (Bill McCay/WireImage)British rock band Bastille hit it big this year with their debut studio album “Bad Blood.” The album peaked at No. 1 on the music charts across the pond, was certified platinum and helped them sell out their U.K. tour and festival dates.

    Reaching milestones like these are events that many musicians can only dream of -- and group members Dan Smith and Will Farquarson tell Yahoo Canada Music that these occasions are experiences that they never thought would happen.

    “We were hoping just to get to a position where we could make another album and I know that our label definitely wasn’t expecting it,” Smith said. “It’s been a nice surprise for everyone all around … We feel very lucky and humbled by the amount of stuff that we’ve been able to do and this year has just been amazing.”

    Although “Bad Blood” isn’t even a year old yet, the band (Kyle Simmons, Chris Wood, Smith and Farquarson) is already working on new material for their next release, which will include an instrument that was

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  • Cassadee Pope has learned a lot on her musical journey.

    The singer, who won season 3 of "The Voice," reveals to Yahoo Canada Music that she's learned a certain lesson from her Big Machine Records label mate Taylor Swift on how to make it in the music business.

    Taylor Swift and Cassadee Pope. (Instagram)Taylor Swift and Cassadee Pope. (Instagram)

    “She’s a hard worker,” Pope said. “Even now, she’s the biggest country and pop singer in the world and she’s still working hard. She’s not taking vacations and time off to just take a breather … I know that she got to where she is because she worked hard [and] I’m never going to stop because I want to get there, too.”

    Since she was a young girl, the Florida native has been pushing towards her goal of becoming a successful musician. Today, it seems like now more than ever, she will stop at nothing to make her musical dreams a reality.

    “I have a certain goal in mind to be a massive artist that’s able to make this a career, sell out arenas and have everybody singing your words back to you,” she explained. “It’s been my dream since I

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  • The world can seem like a cruel place at times. But it’s perhaps even more cruel today now that Paris Hilton has debuted a 15-second extract from the video for her new song "Good Time" which is set to be officially unveiled on Oct. 1.

    Paris Hilton is back behind the microphone! (Rob Kim/Getty Images) Yes, you heard us right, after wrapping up a DJ residency in Ibiza, Paris Hilton is back behind the microphone and getting ready to take the music scene by storm.

    As anyone who’s still haunted by Hilton’s previous attempt at a pop career will readily tell you, this isn’t the first time the actress/socialite/fashionista/DJ/ model/ reality TV star has tried to sing for her supper. Back in 2006 she topped the Hungarian charts - and made the top 5 here in Canada (but let’s be quiet about that shall we?) - with “Stars are Blind,” the first single off her debut album "Paris." The album eventually flopped.

    However, Hilton isn’t the first celebrity who’s flopped as a singer. In fact a look through the seedier end of our CD collection reveals a rogue’s gallery of

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  • Carrie Underwood Takes a Tumble During Texas Concert

    photo: Instagram

    It's a performer's worst nightmare – you're flaunting your stuff on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans and then suddenly…you fall flat on your face. Carrie Underwood suffered such a fate when she took a plunge during her concert in Corpus Christi, Texas on Thursday night.

    The singer was wearing massive stilettos and a long top that hung very low in the back – a recipe for disaster. She was rocking out and strutting her stuff on stage when a misstep caused her heel to get caught and she took a tumble backwards.

    A consummate pro, the former "American Idol" continued singing as though nothing had happened, even though she had injured herself.

    Not surprisingly, the good-natured star had a sense of humor about the whole thing, tweeting after the show, "Hey, remember that time in Corpus Christi when that girl busted her butt on stage?! Hilarious! Oh wait, that was me! #5inchheels #klutz."

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  • Jeff Vespa/WireImage

    Getting celebrity collaborators on your record is all the rage at the moment. But when it comes to the deluxe edition of Drake's "Nothing Was The Same" album, not even Jay Z, Lil Wayne or Hudson Mohawke can compete with Drake’s dad, who will be collaborating with the Toronto native on one of the tracks.

    Drake’s dad Dennis Graham, who the singer revealed "always wanted to be a famous singer," will appear on a bonus track called "Heat of the Moment."

    "My dad is a star, that's what you have to understand," Drake said in a recent interview with XXL. "I'm living my dad's dream."

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  • For their latest music video "Infinitesimal," Vancouver indie rock band Mother Mother decided to feature their fans -- and in addition to showcasing their dance moves, a familiar puppet also makes an appearance in the clip.

    Iggy, the bow-tie wearing iguana from the late-‘80s to early -‘90s Canadian series “Under the Umbrella Tree,” pops up in the video at the 2:04 minute mark. Mother Mother members Ryan Guldemond and Ali Siadat told Yahoo! Canada Music that including the loveable character was no coincidence.

    “That just so happens to be our sound man and tour manager’s dad, who did the puppeteering for that show, Bob Stutt,” Guldemond said. “He would have done the gesticulating with the puppet and the voice.”

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