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Bif Naked on her new album, being a professional optimist and her thank you to Steven Tyler

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Canadian rock star and breast cancer survivor Bif Naked releases her sixth album "Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights" today.

The record features favourite tracks from the 41-year-old singer's two decades long career such as "Spaceman" and "I Love Myself Today" in addition to new tunes "So Happy I Could Die," "The Only One," "Supergirl" and "Nobody Knows."

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Some of her songs display a lot of angst and sorrow. The tune "So Happy I Could Die" features lyrics such as "My whole life I was never good enough/ For so long nothing could pick me up/It's no fair always running out of luck."

When asked if she felt she never was good enough in life, Bif told Yahoo! Canada Music, "Definitely, I think we all do to some extent and I still do." Adding, "Inadequacy is really part of being human…I'm a professional optimist [and] half of the time, that really is over-compensation. It's over-compensation for our secret fear of really not adding up for someone or for anyone judging us or not liking us."

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Part of how the "Moment of Weakness" hitmaker pushes through her darkest times comes from her realization that it could be worse.

"So many people put on such a brave face and still find joy in the most tremendous hardships that it does really keep us going and that's just how I live my life," she said. "I know that no matter how bad my day is or if my health fails, the cancer, whatever it is…I know that there's another woman my age who is going through the same thing with less or in an abusive home or in some other situation that is so heinous that I suck it up right away."

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One song that makes Bif feel good is the track "I Love Myself Today" and on the new acoustic album, she gives a shout out to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler for influencing her singing/screaming technique on the track.

"When we used to be a young band, we used to try and scream like the guy from Aerosmith, that was our big deal," she said. "We loved it and we tried so hard…We practiced it and practiced it and obviously no one is as good as Steven Tyler."

She also said, "It's so distinctive and it really gets your heart rate going, so that was always our goal where you go, 'WAHHHHHHH!' and we did it for 'I Love Myself Today.'  It's so much fun to do [and] so joyful to do it. It feels good and I think everyone should do it once or twice a day in their car or in the shower [to] just let it out. It's our thank you to Steven Tyler for the inspiration."

Relive Bif's hit "I Love Myself Today" in its original form featured below and check out the new acoustic rendition on "Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights."

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