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The end of the world playlist

Today, the world was supposed to end but as it so happens, we're still alive and well.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a few tunes with references about it all being over.

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Check out our top five End of the World songs below.

1. “End of the World” by Great Big Sea
Choice lyrics: “It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

Newfoundland folk-rockers Great Big Sea hit it big in 1997 with this “Play” album tune, which is a rendition of R.E.M.’s classic 1987 track.

2. “One Last Night” by Jesse Labelle (feat. Nixon)
Choice lyrics: “I’ll be the one holding on until we’re done girl/ And when it’s the rapture, I’ll be your ever after.”

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Toronto musician Jesse Labelle's "One Last Night" is about promises made during the last night on Earth.

3. "My Love Is Your Love" by Whitney Houston
Choice lyrics: “If tomorrow is judgement day (sing mommy)/And I'm standin' on the front line/And the Lord ask me what I did with my life/I will say I spent it with you.”

The track, which was co-written by Wyclef Jean, was released in 1999 from Houston's fourth album, "My Love is Your Love."

Remembering the day she recorded the track, Jean said, "When Whitney was coming to the studio to make 'My Love is Your Love,' of course I was very nervous – like, 'Man, is she going to feel this song?' But when she walked in, I gotta tell you, she lit up the room to the point where we forgot that she was a diva.”

4. "Judgement Day" by Van Halen
Choice Lyrics: "Oh tell me why should I care or even, why should I try?/I just slide, slide on by, never bad enough to crucify me/Cry! Put it out until Judgement Day /I'll bear the cross on Judgement Day.”

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Off their 1991 album “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,” “Judgement Day” never was an official single (Sammy Hagar was lead singer at the time), but still remains a fan favourite album track.

5. "Eyes Wide Open" by Gotye
Choice lyrics: "So this is the end of the story/Everything we had, everything we did/Is buried in dust/ And this dust is all that's left of us/But only a few ever worried.”

From Gotye's third album “Making Mirrors,” this song is featured on the same record as his viral hit "Somebody That I Used to Know."

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