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Exclusive: Yahoo! Canada Music premieres The Envy’s new music video, “Unfaithful”

Featuring a dinner scene complete with tuned wine glasses, broken plates and a killer new track, Canadian rock band The Envy's new music video for "Unfaithful" is both delicious and a smash.

Taking the time to detail the interesting and eccentric new clip, The Envy's frontman, Shaun Frank, spoke with Yahoo! Canada Music, saying, "I can't believe that we pulled it off because it seemed to be impossible as we started, but it took us about 12 takes and we got it [in one continuous shot.]"

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Explaining how the concept came to light, Frank said, "Our drummer Izzy grew up in France and went to this drumming school over there and I guess when he was a kid they did some big scene like that where they did a bunch of drumming on kitchenware."

He also said, "He brought that [experience] up one day and we were thinking that it would be a crazy idea to try and pull it off for 'Unfaithful.' So, we tuned all of the glasses to the right pitches and [did it.] Once everything was sounding right, that's all it took. The whole band isn't in the video because our keyboard player wasn't in town when we shot it and we didn't want to wait so we just shot it with the three of us. But, he was there in spirit."

"Unfaithful" appears on the band's latest EP, "Deception," which seems like just one half of a whole when accompanied by their pending release, "Conception," due out this October.

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"'Deception' was about some of the darker times the band has been through over the last year and a half, which was having label troubles in the United States and having our album put on hold and the frustrations that we've been going through with the music business," Frank said. "'Conception' is about getting past that and moving on and surviving it."

Highlighting certain songs on the new EP, Frank says that it is about how "we all have dark times that we have to go through but to make the best of every situation."

The Envy (Supplied Photo)

"There's a track called 'Music To My Ears' that we recorded in L.A. about six months ago and it's just about life being beautiful throughout the struggle," the frontman said. "[Another is called] 'Food For Worms' and it's about making your life count while you're here and leaving behind a legacy."

Not only does "Food For Worms" communicate an important message to fans but it's also the song that Frank feels could be the riskiest track on the record.

"It's weird because we're diving into weird time signatures and we're being a little more progressive with the music," Frank said of the upcoming tune.

Adding, "It's [also] funny because we just got a call from a producer who thinks the song is a massive hit, but not with the risks we took…We're actually trying to decide what to do with the song because we love it the way it is because of the weird changes in it and we think that it will probably be the weirder version that makes it onto 'Conception.'"

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The Toronto-based band consists of members VØID (guitars,) Jonny (keyboards,) Izzy, and Frank. They were the first band to be signed to KISS bassist/co-vocalist Gene Simmons' Canadian record label and in addition to previously touring with the legendary band, still work closely with the rock god who Frank says is their "biggest fan."

"You couldn't ask for a better situation really within the music industry," Frank said. "I mean, a lot of labels forget about their acts, they sign them and they put out one single and if it doesn't do well then the label moves on and they forget about the band. The thing about Gene is that he never gives up and he's behind us 100 percent."

Look for "Conception" to drop this October and learn more about The Envy by heading here.

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