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Gotye performs on “Saturday Night Live” and appears in digital short

This past weekend on "Saturday Night Live," Gotye proved why he's being compared to musical greats like Sting and Peter Gabriel by performing his tracks "Somebody That I Use To Know" and "Eyes Wide Open" with ease and quiet passion.

Check out the performance here.

Kicking off the evening's musical interludes, host Josh Brolin introduced the Belgian-Australian musician as he performed his current number one hit on the Billboard Rock Songs chart, "Somebody That I Use To Know," with New Zealand artist, Kimbra.

The performance went off without a hitch and sounded even better than the album version of the popular track. However, Gotye may have been a tad nervous or extremely hot under the "SNL" stage lights as he retweeted a picture of himself using a hair dryer to dry the area under his arms between songs on Twitter.

In addition to his second song of the evening, which was a track that is said to likely be his next American single, "Eyes Wide Open," Gotye also made an appearance in an "SNL Digital Short" titled, "Gotye Backstage."

Starring "SNL" regulars Andy Samberg and Taran Killam, "Gotye Backstage" featured the two actors as super fans who want to show the singer/songwriter how much they love him in one of the creepiest ways possible.

By painting their bodies and sneaking up behind Gotye as he relaxed in his dressing room, Samberg and Killam appeared completely nude, aside from Samberg's socks, and paid tribute to the eccentric "Somebody That I Use To Know" music video.

"We're like you," Samberg told Gotye in the clip. "Get it?" To which the singer replied, "It's weird, guys," and hurried them out of his dressing room.

Check out Gotye's funny digital short featured below. 

SNL Digital Short "Gotye Backstage"

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