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Justin Bieber’s Beliebers react to Grammy Awards snub

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On Dec.5, the 2013 Grammy Award nominations were announced with one particular artist's exclusion that sent shockwaves through social media networks: Justin Bieber.

The 18-year-old singer's manager, Scooter Braun, went on a Twitter tirade after he heard the news with tweets like, "This time there wont be any wise words, no excuses, I just plain DISAGREE. The kid deserved it. Grammy board u blew it on this one," and soon, Beliebers everywhere were following suit.

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Even Braun's brother Adam Braun, the founder of the charity organization Pencils of Promise, commented on the "Boyfriend" hitmaker's snub, tweeting, "Ridiculous that @justinbieber didn't get a Grammy nom. Kid created one of the best albums of the year... Keep proving em wrong JB."

Check out the mix of comments that ensued from Bieber's Beliebers and his haters below.

- Hater: "Justin Bieber is not nominated for a single Grammy. My faith in humanity has been restored."

- Belieber: "The fact that the biggest album of the year wasn't nominated as well is insane. @justinbieber deserves that Grammy. I deserve cake."

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- Hater: "I don't understand why people are like I can't believe Justin Bieber wasn't nominated for a Grammy calm down #HeAintAdele #MediocreMusic."

-Belieber: "Dear @justinbieber, Grammy or no Grammy, you will be a winner in my eyes, because Kidrauhl Is Our Grammy. We love you, no matter what."

- Hater: "Wait ... WAIT. Justin Bieber WASN'T nominated for a Grammy?! ......... lololol FAITH IN HUMANITY HAS BEEN RESTORED"

-Belieber: "If you sell out 2 shows at MSG in 30 seconds, and have the number one Album in the world, you're not Grammy worthy? #BieberDeservesAGrammy."

- Hater: "These people need something else to talk about besides dumb Justin Bieber &&' him not getting nominated for a Grammy!"

- Belieber: "MJ didn't get his first Grammy till he was 22. So don't worry about the nominations, you're doing everything right. @justinbieber."

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- Hater: "Justin Bieber wonders why he didn't get a Grammy nod? Doesn't write or produce any of his OWN material and dresses and talks like a douche."

- Belieber: "Now I gotta go to school getting hate from people because the bro @justinbieber didn't get nominated for a Grammy. He deserves a nom."

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl weighed in on Bieber's Grammy exclusion on the Dec. 6 episode of the late night television show "Chelsea Lately," saying, "Is anyone really surprised?"

Later adding, "Honestly, he's dancing around so much, it's probably better his microphone isn't on because if it were, it'd just be like, 'UHHHUHHHH,'" as he mimicked the sound of gasping for breath.

In 2011, the Canadian boy wonder was nominated at the 53rd Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album for his record "My World 2.0" and Best New Artist.

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After losing in both categories, his mentor Usher commented, "I wish Justin had won," in addition to Bieber saying, "I had no clue what was going to happen; I worked really hard these past few years and you know, I'm not going to lie — I was disappointed."

He also said, "But, you know, I'm gonna come back [next year] and we'll take a few home."

Guess that's not a possibility this time around. 

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