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McFly’s Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech goes viral

McFly frontman Tom Fletcher couldn’t find the right words for his wedding toast, so he decided to write a song instead and it is over 14-minutes of awesomeness.

Fletcher married Giovanna Falcone on Dec. 5, 2012, and after posting his wedding toast from the wedding reception on YouTube on Jan. 6, the video has gone on to earn almost 2.7 million views at press time.

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“It's possibly the most nervous I've ever been in my life (about the speech, not the wedding!),” he wrote. “I got a load of ideas by watching other speeches on youtube so if there are any future grooms on here in desperate need of inspiration (like I was) then I hope this helps. I'm useless at public speaking so this was my solution!”

A few of our favourite moments from the clip include when the 27-year-old singer thanks the bridesmaids by singing “I wish I could marry you, too,” refers to his best men as brothers and lovers and sings to his new father-in-law about learning curse words in Italian.

An especially clever aspect of Fletcher’s toast is that he accompanied it with a lyric video filled with pictures and his romantic words.

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The most touching part of the speech begins at the 10:20 minute mark when the musician sings to his new wife with lyrics like, “You have made my life worthwhile by saying ‘I do’” and is joined the Sylvia Young Theatre School Choir singing, “It’s all about you, it’s all about you, baby.”

Having the Sylvia Young Theatre School Choir as part of his toast might have been especially meaningful for Fletcher as he and his new wife met at the school and he also proposed to her there.

For a look at the happy couple’s wedding day, take a look at the video the bride posted titled “Becoming Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher...” here.

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