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Pauly Shore interviews a four-year-old Bruno Mars

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Before he was releasing platinum albums and announcing world tours, “Locked Out of Heaven” hitmaker Bruno Mars was known as the World’s Youngest Elvis Presley Impersonator. Mars was interviewed by comedian Pauly Shore at the tender age of four.

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Showing off his Presley and Michael Jackson dance moves, we can see where Mars’ showmanship began.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, the 27-year-old singer recalled his days of performing as “Little Elvis,” saying, “I don't even remember that. I can't remember doing that. I don't even remember -- I don't think I even knew what I was doing, that I was actually impersonating somebody else."

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He also said, “I remember one night I had 100 some odd fever. I was about five years old, six years old, something like that. My mother wouldn't let me perform. I was bawling all night up in the room. I had to call in sick that night. And I couldn't get to put my jumpsuit on.”

(Skip to the 1:50 minute mark to see Mars performing as Presley.)

The Honolulu-native began performing at the age of two and seemed to enjoy his life as an entertainer.

“[My family did] things that you would think a family that grew up in Hawaii would do,” he said. “But, you know, my father who put this show together where you see these little Elvis clips, you know, he had this show six nights a week at the Sheraton Waikiki. So it was me going to school and then at nighttime I turned into Batman.”

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While we might not get to see Mars in a grown-up version of the Presley jumpsuit, Canadians will be able to take in the talented pop star when his “Moonshine Jungle World Tour” hits Toronto on July 3.

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