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Remy Shand is back! Musician releases new music on YouTube

We've been missing Winnipeg musician Remy Shand since he seemingly vanished in 2010. Now he has apparently come out of hiding, posting new tunes on his YouTube channel like the soulful jam “WhereAreWeGoing?”

According to the clip’s description on YouTube, the video was posted on May 17, and all of the instruments and vocals heard in the song were performed by Shand, who also recorded and mixed the track himself. points out that the R&B singer’s ex-wife (and former Sugar Jones vocalist) Maiko Watson also shared a link to the new track on Twitter. Asked about her former husband's music plans, however, Watson played coy: 

Exclaim! notes that in addition to releasing “WhereAreWeGoing?”, Shand also posted two songs ("Mark Gonzales" and "Lust") under the name Canary, which is described as “the 4 track cassette project of musician Remy Shand” and were recorded in 1996 and 1997, respectively.

Earlier this week on May 22, Shand also posted a song called “ROLLERGIRLS” and is reaching out to fans for collaborations.

“Live looper jam from my bedroom,” Shand wrote in the clip’s description on YouTube. “Crank up your subs!! Please feel free to add some tracks to this,sing over it, or just whatever! Make some art using what I've done as the foundation. Re-post it after you've added something and send me the link so I can put it up here. I'd love to hear what you come up with :)”

In case you forgot, Shand hit it big in 2002 with his debut album "The Way I Feel." In 2003, he picked up four Juno Award nominations and won in the category of R&B/Soul Recording of the Year for the track “The Way I Feel.”

He was also nominated for four Grammy Awards that year, including, Best R&B Album, Best R&B Vocal Performance – Male, Best R&B Song and Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance.

Some of his most popular tunes include "Take A Message," "Rocksteady" and "The Way I Feel."

We hope that these releases mean that Shand is returning to music full time, because we have truly missed his fresh sounds.

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