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Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” called out for copying Rihanna and Lana Del Rey

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Taylor Swift's new music video "I Knew You Were Trouble" may showcase a different side of the singer, but it's also being called out for looking quite similar to the styles of other artists.

Taking a Page From Ri-Ri?

According to Billboard, "I Knew You Were Trouble" seems to borrow from Rihanna's video for "We Found Love" in a number of ways.

For instance both videos start out with an opening monologue, have the appearance of fireworks during "romantic moments," and feature main characters dancing on tables in restaurants.

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In Rihanna's case, she is the one who dances on table top while in Swift's video, it is her love interest who seeks attention by hopping up onto their table.

It's interesting that Swift should be compared to Rihanna because back in January, the Barbadian beauty was called out in a plagiarism scandal of her own regarding her video for "We Found Love" by photographer Sandy Kim who said that she sampled photos without citation.

The Lana Del Rey Connection

SPIN points out that the opening monologue to Swift's video is also similar to that of Lana Del Rey's video "Ride" - they both feature flashback sequences.

The overall storylines for both videos are also alike:

"Good girl falls for bad boy, they do thrilling things together like make out in bars and start fights and get tats, and then it all goes to sh-t when she loses track of homeboy at a rave on the sand and eventually finds him in the embrace of another," Chris Martins writes.

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So far, the only factual connection between Swift, Rihanna and Del Rey is that they have all worked with the same director, Anthony Mandler, who directed "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Diamonds" and "National Anthem," respectively.

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