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Video of man’s body used for drum solo goes viral

Drummers Matt Nickle, Liahona Seumanu and Tyrell Shepherd have given new meaning to term “pink belly” in their video “Tummy Talk: An Epic Drum Solo.”

Using a man named Niu Luamanuvae as their human drum kit, these three musicians pound out a rhythm on his upper body including his back, shoulders, stomach and face. As a result, they've all gone viral with their tummy-tapping adventures.

“These percussionists have been drumming together from the day they started middle school band and continued to drum in college in the university drumline and percussion ensembles,” the video’s description indicates.

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The post continues: “If you like to drum then you understand what it's like to constantly have a beat in your head and always have the need to drum on any kind object around you… These drummers take things to the next level by playing on a different kind of instrument -- the human body.”

In two weeks, this clip has garnered almost 3 million views but has received mixed reviews from viewers.

“That was epic. i feel sorry for the fat guy,” one YouTube user commented.

Wrote another: “Jesus how many takes did this need? His tummy is slapped raw.”

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We can only imagine the amount of practicing and discovering which areas of Luamanuvae’s body made what sound that went into the making of this clip. It is impressive that the human drum set never flinches and stays in character for the duration of the video.

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