David Lynch Goes Dancing

David Lynch is one diversely entertaining dude. He, of course, directs wild, surreal feature films (Blue Velvet is the best; Lost Highway the most underappreciated). He wrote a great pocket-sized book of advice and aphorisms, Catching the Big Fish. And last July he released Dark Night of the Soul, a spooky, catchy album he put together with producer Danger Mouse. But even the keenest Lynchophile would've been hard pressed to predict that the Montana native would release "Good Day Today," a shimmering, pulsating dance single which finds the 64-year-old charmingly singing, "I wanna have a good day today" in an electronically altered voice.

Released in conjunction with the eerie, bluesy "I Know," "Good Day Today" will be followed in January by a set of remixes of the song commissioned by electronic label Sunday Best.

Speaking on the phone from his office in Los Angeles, Lynch gave us the lowdown on this lovely little turn of events.

Did you have any experience with electronic dance music before making "Good Day Today?" "No, it was a totally new experience. Mostly I like to make more, you know, blues-based music, sort of like the b-side, "I Know." I call it a b-side because singles used to have two sides! But I liked the genre of electronic music, I just didn't know very much about it. This was an interesting experiment for me. I'd like to do more music in that genre. Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing-a good thing."

Given that the music you've made before probably started on guitar or piano, and electronic music involves sequencers and samplers and keyboards, was it more difficult to make intuitive creative decisions when recording the song? "In a way it's maybe less intuitive-electronic music is more man-made and maybe not so organic. It's its own kind of thing. But whether or not the elements are man-made or not, the music has gotta have the right feel. I work on the music with my friend Big Dean Hurley, who's an engineer. We started plotting out the chorus. I already had lyrics for the verse. Usually what happens is that the music comes first. This was the opposite. Then I do drawings to help me plot out the music-little drawings of notes going up and down. Put it all together and it ended up being this dance music song."

Did you have any input on the remixes? "I had no input. That's the way it needed to be. The remixes needed to be done in total freedom. Personally, I like the original version the best but I think the remixes are really good."

What kind of music do you most like to dance to? "I dance to anything with a beat. It's always about the beat."

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