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Amy Winehouse’s Boyfriend Reg Traviss Had Dad’s Approval

Kelly Osbourne and MarkRonson were among the 150 guests who attended Amy Winehouse's funeral Tuesdayat Edgwarebury Cemeteryin north London. Another man was also mourning: singer and moviemakerReg Traviss, who had been dating the British soul singer up until her untimelydeath at age 27 on July 23 (a cause of death has yet to be determined).

The day before, a grim-facedTraviss was photographed alongside Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, looking at floraltributes left outside the singer's Camden Square home where her body was discovered.

Traviss"helped her with her problems," Amy's father told People magazine."Amy was looking forward to their future together."

So, who was he? There's not a lot of information out there about Traviss, but here's what we know.

Winehouse and Traviss wentpublic with their relationship last June. They were photographed holding handsand seen kissing in London's Mayfairdistrict.

Traviss is a respected filmdirector on the rise, with three British works to his credit. In June hereleased "Screwed," a movie about a former prison guard's experiencesworking in life-threatening U.K.institutions. His other titles include 2010's "Psychosis," a horrorfilm about a serial killer, and 2006's "Joy Division," a drama abouta teenage orphan soldier who fights in WWII.

Traviss's clean-cut andprofessional demeanor was a major contrast to Winehouse and her troubledex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. Fielder-Civil is now serving a 32-month jail sentence forpossession of a firearm and burglary, and is credited with introducingWinehouse to drugs.

Traviss had received the approvalof Winehouse's father. In a July 2010 interview with Scottish TV program"The Hour," the elder Winehouse said Traviss received "thumbs-upfrom Dad," and referred to him as a nice guy.

Though Winehouse and Travissreportedly had an on and off relationship, Winehouse's father said hisdaughter felt good about life at the time of her passing.

"Knowing shewasn't depressed, knowing she passed away happy -- it makes us all feelbetter," he said in a statement released to People. "She was thehappiest she has been for years."

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