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Justin Bieber: Boy’s Gone Wild After Breakup With Selena

Watch out, world! Justin Bieber is a single man now--girlfriend Selena Gomez has had enough. And, in homage to newly single guys all over, Bieber is engaging in a bunch of crazy, testosterone-fueled behavior. His pre-breakup antics included partying with supermodels; now he's trying another time-honored jilted-male activity: Racing around in overpriced vehicles.

And, getting in a bit of trouble with them, too. On Tuesday, Bieber was tooling around West Hollywood in his fancy white Ferrari, when he apparently made an unsafe left turn and was pulled over by police. He was ticketed for that infraction--oh, yeah, and another one for his car's expired registration. (Justin, Justin--don't you have people to handle that stuff for you?)

Justin Bieber (Photo: Fame/

The brush with the law didn't deter Bieber. The following day--having presumably parked his Ferrari until the registration was taken care of--the 18-year-old hopped on an expensive Ducati motorcycle for some more fun. Dressed to kill in a black-and-red outfit that perfectly matched the bike itself, Bieber gunned around Beverly Hills and down Los Angeles's 405 freeway. If that weren't enough to attract attention, Bieber pulled a few tricks--raising himself off the bike--and drove illegally in the emergency lane.

Bieber managed to get away with his cycling antics; however, the previous day's incident with the LAPD marks the second ticket he's received this year. The first was in July, when he was cited for driving over the speed limit, allegedly to escape paparazzi.


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