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Justin Bieber Turns Sweet 16–Upload Your Birthday Wishes!

Two big birthdays are in the news this week.

First, this Monday (1) marks the 16th birthday of young singing sensation Justin Bieber--whose rise from fresh-faced newcomer to chartbuster to subject of massive worldwide adulation appeared to happen in short months. Happy Birthday, Justin!

Secondly, this Tuesday (2) marks the 15th birthday of Yahoo! itself--making us a whippersnapper in Justin's eyes but still, we'd like to think, nearly as popular.

And here's a little birthday talk from the birthday boy himself!

In celebration of the birthdays, Justin is giving away an iPod with his new album loaded on it! Want to enter? Go to:

We're encouraging everyone to wish Justin and Yahoo! a happy birthday by creating a birthday message and uploading it to Flickr. It can be you simply holding a sign you made, or whatever--just make sure to tag it "happybdayjustin" when you go to We'll announce a winner on March 23rd--the same day Justin's new album comes out!

In the meantime, check out some of the Justin madness going on in Europe just a few weeks ago!

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