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Strike One! James Taylor Sings the Wrong Song at World Series

Photo: Michael IvinsLet's give James Taylor the benefit of the doubt: Perhaps the legendary folkie -- and Boston Red Sox fan -- was just feeling a bit on edge for Thursday night's Game 2 of the 2013 World Series.

However, it was still a remarkable flub when the 65-year-old singer approached the mic to perform the pregame National Anthem…and came out with a totally different song instead!

Taylor did stay in the patriotic realm, belting out the first words to "America The Beautiful." To his credit, he caught his mistake and managed a seamless transition into the correct lyrics. It almost sounded as if he did it on purpose: Watch for yourself and decide.

Smooth save or not, it's unlikely Taylor actually inserted the incorrect start deliberately. The 65-year-old star probably just got his schedule a little goofed up: He was actually set to perform "America The Beautiful" during the game's seventh inning stretch -- which he did, without a hitch. Taylor was accompanied on the field by survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing as he led the crowd in a moving rendition of the (properly scheduled) tune.

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