90-year-old grandmother Jeanne Harr dances in honour of Whitney Houston

Granny's got the moves!

90-year-old grandmother, Jeanne Harr, has been dancing for most of her life. Even though she is partially deaf and blind, she still loves to dance to songs like LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" and Justin Bieber's "Baby." She is a viral granny with over three million YouTube channel views and this past week, she paid tribute to one of her favourite superstars, Whitney Houston.

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The video begins with Harr's heartfelt statement, "I'm doing this in memory of the late Whitney Houston. It's very hard to think of her as being gone," and continues with her dancing to Houston's 1987 track, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Near the end of the video, a caption appears at the bottom of the screen that says, "Once granny heard the name of the song, she said she wouldn't [dance] unless she got to dance with somebody." That "somebody" is her grandson and caretaker, Adam Forgie.

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Forgie is the one responsible for Harr's viral stardom, as he was the one to post her first videos on YouTube last year. He first noticed her dancing while they were out shopping and thought it was too cute to ignore. "We drive around in the car when I take her to the store and what not, and every once in a while, if there is song with a good beat on, she'll dance a little bit," Forgie told ABC News. "One day she came home and we were in the house and there wasn't any music on and she was still dancing," he added. Watching her dance, Forgie captured a video on his phone, asked for Harr's approval and put it up on YouTube.

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We have seen many tributes dedicated to Houston since she passed away last week, but this one is special because of the joy Harr projects while she dances. In memory of Houston, Harr says in the video, "She was one of a kind and wonderful and you just enjoyed every minute she was singing no matter what she sung."

Houston's music really has touched every man, woman, child and grandmother.

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