Autistic, blind boy has heart-warming moment with street musician Tyler Gregory

You don't need to be able to see in order to feel the music.

A video of an eight-year-old blind and autistic boy named Jacob having a moving moment with street musician Tyler Gregory in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, has gone viral and changed the life of the busker forever.

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"It was an ordinary day, walking to my regular spot to busk when I don't have a gig that night, and play music on the corner for a rotating crowd," Gregory wrote in response to the amazing occurrence on his website. "When Jacob came over I felt excited about having another kid listen to the music."

Playing for children is something that Gregory enjoys, however, seeing Jacob's reaction to his music was so intense that it made the guitarist very emotional by the end of the song. The connection between the two is evident as Gregory plays and Jacob sways to the song and approaches the musician to participate by placing his hands on the guitar.

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"I felt so much energy coming off of him and I was completely overwhelmed," Gregory said. "His hand on my leg was very powerful and about brought me to tears while playing."

In addition to the incredible connection that was established in a matter of minutes between Jacob and Gregory, there has also been an overwhelmingly positive response to the video that has boosted traffic on the musician's website and in CD sales.

"It brightens my day when I sell a CD online," Gregory admitted. "I usually hope for a couple a week to help out with rent, bills, etc. For 15 people to visit my website in a day is an unusual day. I can't even grasp that 6,000 people have been to my website today. It's not processing quite yet."

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In addition to purchasing Gregory's music, viewers have left messages of gratitude for the artist, writing comments like, "My son is autistic as well and most of the time people ignore him if he is lucky or give him odd stares otherwise. Thank you for treating this young boy so well. I am sure it meant a lot to him and his parents as well."

In the video's description on YouTube, Jacob's parents have also expressed their sincere thanks, writing to Gregory, "Thank you so much for letting Jacob feel the music!"

To learn more about Gregory and his work, head here.

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