Bruce Springsteen surprises Taylor Swift at her own show

Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift backstage at her 'Speak Now' tour in 2011. (Taylor Swift/Instagram)

During her appearance on the Oct. 25th episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," singer/songwriter Taylor Swift recounted the story of when the one and only Bruce Springsteen surprised her during her concert in Raleigh, N.C., back in 2011.

According to Swift, The Boss came to the "Speak Now World Tour" show with his daughter, and in addition to meeting the 22-year-old "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" hitmaker, Springsteen also signed and played a special song on her guitar.

"We heard that day that Bruce Springsteen [was] going to come to [the] show and I was immediately panic stricken," Swift told DeGeneres. "[I thought,] 'He's going to watch my show? That's going to happen? That's a thing that's happening?' And so they came back for a meet and greet backstage before [the show] and I brought this little writing guitar that I always write songs with and I asked him to sign it. Not only did he sign it, but he played it."

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Springsteen performed a track that Swift has previously covered on the road, "Dancing In The Dark," and in the clip she brought on "Ellen," it looks like she is having a great time singing along as The Boss plays the 1984 song.

"You have your hero show up and not only be as great as you had hoped, but multiplied by 50, and he's that awesome and cool and he stood in the pit [during the show] right in front of where we were performing," the "Red" album artist remembered. "I don't know how I didn't have a meltdown."

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She added, "For me, it was like the level of respect that I have for his song writing, it [took] all that I had not to be like, 'I've watched all of the documentaries on your writing,' and all this stuff and I start talking a thousand miles a minute. When you're up there performing, you pretend that Bruce Springsteen isn't in the front row, but he is."

Check out Swift performing "Dancing In The Dark" on her 2011 "Speak Now World Tour" stop in New Jersey featured below.

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