Groom Sunjay Mathews surprises his bride with awesome One Direction dance at wedding reception

On August 25, 2012, in Montréal, Qué., groom Sunjay Mathews showed his bride Katie exactly what makes her beautiful with the help of UK boy band One Direction during their wedding reception by dancing up a storm to the teen group's hit track, "What Makes You Beautiful."

"She is gorgeous, but she is very humble and doesn't even realize how stunning she really is," Mathews said adding that he chose to perform to "What Makes You Beautiful" because the track "sums up" who his new wife is.

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In the clip, Mathews fakes Katie out by pretending to give a speech and then after singing a few bars is quickly joined by four of his friends, Maurice Collada, Michael Kanatake, Kyle Mascarenhas and D.I. Perlee, and proceeds to perform a choreographed routine to the boy band's tune.

According to the Huffington Post Weddings, the groom and his back-up dancers considered using songs from other boy band's like 'NSYNC before deciding on One Direction and rehearsed for two hours every Sunday a month before the wedding to polish up their routine.

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This isn't the first time a groom has surprised his bride with a performance during their wedding reception.

We all remember Aaron Cho's cheeky and romantic presentation of Justin Bieber's "Baby" for his bride Judith that went viral last year.

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