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Bruce Springsteen Surprises Taylor Swift

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  • Some people might not remember their first concert, but we can bet that 10-year-old Halle Tator's experience will be a night to remember.

    During a show at Toronto's Rogers Centre, Bruce Springsteen and his team said they had "the greatest audience we have ever had in Toronto," but The Boss had some help singing one of his hits provided by Tator.

    (See Halle on stage at the 4:17 mark)

    According to the Toronto Star, Halle's father, Sender Tator, who is a huge Springsteen fan and has been to over 17 of The Boss' concerts, knew that it was likely that the 62-year-old singer would choose a child to sing with him during his track "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" and helped his daughter prepare, just in case.

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    Armed with a sign that read, "It's my first show. I'm waiting on a sunny day," Halle was perched atop her father's shoulders when suddenly Springsteen ran across the stage and pulled her out of the crowd to sing with him on the 2003 track.


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  • Ian Paice of Deep Purple (L) with Clive Burr, Bruce Dickinson and Dave Murray of Iron Maiden (Photo by Leslie McGhie/WireImage)

    With an almost four decade long career that boasts over 100 million albums sold worldwide, which includes 1982's iconic record "The Number of the Beast" that was voted Best British Album of the last 60 years, English heavy metal band Iron Maiden has a lot to be proud of.

    Although they usually take a hushed approach when talking about their philanthropic efforts, one cause the band isn't afraid to discuss is how they are helping one of their former band members deal with the autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis (MS.)

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    "We have been involved with stuff over the years," the band's bassist Steve Harris told Samaritanmag. "A lot of people make a big publicity thing out of it and we don't, so I'd rather not say."

    He also said, "One of the things I can talk about because we started it off is our old drummer, Clive [Burr] has MS, so we started The Clive Burr Trust. Another friend of mine [Ralph] also has got it. He's in a wheelchair. We

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  • The John Lennon DNA sculpture (Kirsten Zuk Art/Facebook)

    After a dentist purchased one of John Lennon's teeth at auction, his artsy sister was able to incorporate it into a sculpture of the legendary former Beatles member that will now be on display to raise awareness and encourage donations for a children's charity.

    According to the Edmonton Sun, Alberta dentist Dr. Michael Zuk "bought Lennon's tooth for more than $32,000 at a Stockport, England, auction in November," and then gave it to his sister, Kirsten Zuk, for her work of art.

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    "I love John Lennon," Kirsten told The Sun. "I've been a huge fan all my life…This is like a time-capsule. It will contain his DNA."

    NME reports the tooth was given to Dorothy Jarlet, Lennon's housekeeper between 1964 and 1968 and then went up for auction where it was bid on by Dr. Zuk simply because he "had to have it."

    The clay Lennon statue is being displayed during Edmonton's Fringe Festival, which runs from August 16 to 26, in hopes that

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  • 19-year-old Zheng Hong impressed all four judges on China's version of "The Voice" after performing Adele's "Someone Like You" and has now been dubbed by the media as the "Chinese Adele."

    Reducing at least one judge to tears, Hong interprets the emotionally charged song with the quiet grace and intensity of a budding professional.

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    Floored by her rendition of the track, viewers have left comments on the clip like, "Wow, she really is the Chinese Adele!  Spot on!" and, "Unbelievable, she had her own voice and style to interpret this song. She touched me even more than Adele. Well done."

    Part of her hugely successful album "21," "Someone Like You" was written by Adele about a failed relationship, which also influenced many aspects of the record, and seems to have given her a sense of closure upon completion.

    "Well, I wrote that song because I was exhausted from being such a bitch, with 'Rolling in the Deep' or 'Rumor Has It,' " the 24-year-old

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  • Sometimes, dreams do come true.

    After wowing the world with his rendition of the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" in a viral video, armless musician George Dennehy got to perform the track live with the alternative rock band.

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    Earlier this month, the Richmond, Virginia-based teen got the chance of a lifetime when he was asked to open for the "Slide" hitmakers at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and subsequently joined them on stage for their performance of the 1998 tune.

    "We sound checked with him to make sure he knows how to play the song," said the Dolls' drummer Mike Malinin, who saw Dennehy's cover of "Iris" on YouTube and forwarded it to his band mates. "I think he knows it better than we do."

    When asked if Dennehy was nervous to meet the band, lead singer Johnny Rzeznik said, "I think he just wanted to play."

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    According to a press release, Dennehy, who was adopted at the

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  • If someone asked you to play them the most beautiful song you've ever heard, what track would you choose to introduce them to the world of music?

    For 23-year-old Austin Chapman, a filmmaker who was born "profoundly deaf," Mozart's "Lacrimosa" is the first song he'd ever heard where he "finally understood the power of music."

    "I know it's a depressing song," the 23-year-old said. "But to me it represents the first time I could appreciate and experience music."

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    The reason behind Chapman's new appreciation for music comes courtesy of a new pair of hearing aids that make it possible for him to distinguish higher frequencies. Listening to Mozart's tune finally put into perspective how hearing people can be affected by music.

    "My whole life I've seen hearing people make a fool of themselves singing their favorite song or gyrating on the dance floor," Chapman wrote on his film studio's blog. "I've also seen hearing people moved to tears by a

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  • (Photo by C Flanigan/WireImage)

    After being asked to sign a "get well" card for a 57-year-old stagehand who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while setting up their joint "Stronger" / "Scars & Stories" tour in Phoenix, AZ, on August 1, Kelly Clarkson and The Fray took generosity to a whole new level.

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    According to TMZ, the original "American Idol" and "How To Save A Life" hitmakers gathered all of the money they had at the time, in addition to donations from others involved with the tour, and together collected $2,200 to put towards the crew member's hospital bills.

    Although the stagehand was given the opportunity to obtain health insurance through work, he did not acquire it and, presumably, was left in a tight spot after the stroke occurred.

    In addition, the celebrity gossip site also says that the generosity went a step further with the creation of a fund that will assist the crew member and his family while he remains in the ICU.

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  • Olympic Crowd Sings Beatles

    On a night deemed as "Super Saturday" that aimed to honour Team Great Britain and their medal achievements, like winning three gold medals in the span of 44 minutes, the crowd at the London 2012 Summer Olympic Stadium on August 4th was electric.

    So electric in fact that the entire stadium sang along to The Beatles' 1967 hit "All You Need Is Love."

    "Another memorable moment from Team GB's golden night of athletics," YouTube user Nwalex wrote in the video's description. "The atmosphere at this point was brilliant. A stadium full of blissfully happy people. I'll never forget it."

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    In addition to competition, determination and pride, the Olympic Games are also about international community, togetherness and team spirit.

    After all, as the Olympic Creed reads, "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential

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  • Philip Dukes plays a rare 'Archinto' Stradivarius Viola at The Royal Academy of Music. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

    What's your good deed for the day?

    While traveling on a train headed for Switzerland's Bern train station, a musician left a priceless instrument on board, a Stradivarius violin, only to have it returned to the station's lost property office by a good samaritan.

    According to the National Post, the violin, which is part of the elite class of violins produced by Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari who created string instruments between the late 1600s and early 1700s, did not even belong to the musician who was carrying it.

    See more: Armless musician plays guitar with his feet

    As the Daily Mail reports, the owner had lent it to a friend who left it on the train and was "terrified" when he or she had noticed it was gone and contacted police who then "made an appeal to the public to find the valuable violin and released CCTV footage showing a passenger walking off with it at a different station."

    During his time, Stradivari built an estimated 1000 violins of which 650 are still known to be

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  • Armless Musician Plays 'Iris'

    If you had a dream, how far would you go to realize it? For George Dennehy, it seems like no obstacle is too great to keep him from his musical ambitions.

    It's hard not to be simultaneously inspired and impressed while watching 18-year-old Dennehy, who was born without arms, overcome all odds and play the guitar using just his feet performing the Goo Goo Dolls' track "Iris" in the above clip.

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    In June, the teen posted a video on YouTube of himself performing the 1998 song at the Ashland, Virginia, Strawberry Faire where he was the recipient of the 2012 Tafi Yourtee Scholarship that assists students who are planning to pursue a major in the performing arts.

    However, after sharing the link on Reddit earlier this week, the clip has reached viral status and gained almost 250,000 views.

    Along with sharing his video with the world, Dennehy's post also opened up a dialogue where curious fans had the opportunity to learn about the Virginia teen who

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